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The Armchair Quarterback Volume 11: 49ers in Popular Songs

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Well here we are, two weeks into the NFL offseason. Fans remain stuck in the purgatory of what is late- February. The 2018 season still fresh in everyone’s minds, but free agency and the draft not here as yet. To provide some relief from this uncomfortable time in the offseason we take a look at some 49er player references in popular songs.

Gangstarr f/ H. Staxx & NYG'z, "Same Team, No Games"

Yo, I'm the Jerry Rice to this, much too nice to quit

Gangstarr, the legendary hip-hop duo known for their longevity gave a shout out to 49ers legend Jerry Rice on their track "Same Team, No Games." Rice was also in fact known for his longevity. When this track was released in 2003, Rice was 41 years old and still going strong. The 2003 season, in which he happened to be playing for another franchise we won’t mention, would be his penultimate season. Nevertheless, once a Niner always a Niner!

But, man, have you seen him lately? At 56 he still looks like he could lace them up!

Lil Wayne, “Get High, Rule the World”

That knife that sword; that gun, that war Make ya so-called soldiers just run like Gore Yeah, Frank that is, from San Francis And I got more banana clips then chimpanzees

In early 2007, Lil Wayne the rapper known for his extensive catalogue of mixtapes, put out yet another one called Da Drought 3. In that mixtape on a track entitled “Get High, Rule the World,” he alluded to then-49ers running back Frank Gore.

Gore was coming off his sophomore season in which he ran for 1,695 yards on the ground, earning him Pro Bowl honors. That would end up being his career best in yards to date. Sophomore slump, I think not. How about sophomore stat stuffer!

Fabolous, “Throw Back”

This ain't even for the minors Cause they don't know nothin' bout the Joe Montana, 49ers

While Fabolous’ lyrics in “Throw Back” may have been referring to his throw-back jersey of Joe Cool, I share his sentiment completely. Minors these days are always talking about Brady this and Brady that. Little do they know what a beating Montana took week in and week out and kept grinding through. I mean for crying out loud had he been protected like Brady is nowadays and not had any significant injuries, he’d have played until he was 41 too! And won about four more Super Bowls, bringing his grand total to eight! So there take that, youngin’ NFL fans! Okay I’m done ranting.

Well there you have it. There are some songs you can go check out in this miserable part of the offseason. These 49er references will be sure to help you through. And hey before you know it, we’ll be back to football!


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