• Scott Young

49ersHub Draft Coverage Announcement

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While it's sad that another 49ers season is in the books, it gets us that much closer to one of our favorite times of the season:

Draft Season!

That's right! 49ersHub will be back this year bringing you some of the best draft coverage around, with scouting profiles, Mock Drafts, team roundtables, and much more!

Want to see if you have what it takes to be able to scout players that will be the future of the NFL? Awesome!

Send me an email at scottyoung@the49ersHub.com. We will be picking a handful of people to bring in to teach how to evaluate and scout players, what to look for and how to properly watch game tape, why stats can be misleading, and some of the tips and tricks that the pros use!

Let's get going!


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Stay tuned to 49ersHub for more great draft coverage!