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49ersHub Picks: Who Do We Think Will Win the Super Bowl?

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The Super Bowl is finally here! The last week of playoffs saw some crazy games happening around the league!  This week the 49ersHub staff is back to give their predictions for how the Super Bowl will go. Who do we have? Read on and find out! 

Zach Pratt (@Mezachp)

What do I want to happen in the Super Bowl?  Let me set the scene for you.  The National Anthem finishes. Greg Zeurlein trots out for the opening kickoff and boots it to Cordarrelle Patterson.  The excitement is palpable for one of the most offensively potent Super Bowls in recent memory.  Meanwhile, a man born in the darkness with a scary mask and who looks an awful lot like Tom Hardy sits in the tunnel, waiting for the right moment.  Patterson fields the kick, and starts weaving through defenders.  The man in the tunnel pushes a button, and Patterson's run becomes truly explosive.  The field behind Patterson begins to collapse, swallowing up both teams, though Patterson is blissfully unaware.  He reaches the end zone and turns around to see that the only winner that day was Bane.  Okay, so Christopher Nolan likely has nothing to do with this Super Bowl, and I don't want anybody to actually be harmed.  So I guess I'll go...

PREDICTION: New England Patriots 34, Los Angeles Rams 31

Will Cuberos (@wcuberos)

I remember all kinds of lessons my dad taught me, how to drive a stick, how to cast a fishing rod, and that you always, no matter what, hate the Rams. It doesn’t matter if they’re in L.A. or St. Louis, a Ram is a Ram, hate them.  

Years ago some buddies and I headed up to Tahoe for a playoff weekend, a chance to drink some beers while putting some money down on the games. For the first time in my life I decided I’d root for the Raiders. I threw them in a three-team parlay and hoped to win enough money for a steak dinner. As that Raider cornerback came around the edge I had images of a filet mignon dancing through my mind. Then the “tuck” happened, and my parlay went up in smoke. I’ve despised Tom Brady and the Patriots since, along with never rooting for the Raiders again.

This is all just a nice way of saying I don’t particularly like either team, but that doesn’t I’m not interested in the game Sunday. The Patriots are an absolute machine. They’ve been dominating the NFL for 18 years and this postseason is no different. Brady has yet to be sacked, and their man to man defense is stifling. The Rams pushed all their chips to the middle of the table last offseason in hopes of ending up right where they are. But as good as the Rams have looked this season, excluding a glaring play in the NFC Championship game, I don’t think they knock this juggernaut off. Tom Brady and company will win number six, but Joe is still the GOAT.

PREDICTION: Pats 35 Rams 27

Safa Shoostry, "The Armchair Quarterback" (@RealArmchairQB

The two Bay Area boys Jared Goff and Tom Brady face off in the biggest game of the year. The two childhood 49ers fans, the one wily veteran and the youth full of promise look to absolutely destroy each other. The beginning of the game is a back and forth. Points on the board for each team. Both quarterbacks slinging the ball, and both running games getting going. As the third quarter comes to a close and the fourth quarter begins, the points start to become very hard to come by. Brady drives down the field, and with 2:40 left to go hits his wide receiver Julian Edelman for a touchdown, taking the lead 27-21. Rams head coach Sean McVay would not relent though, and brings his best offensive play calling for the final drive. Goff hits his wide receiver Brandin Cooks on a deep post route, and he is brought down at the one-yard line. McVay knows better than to make a “Caroll-ian” error and gives the ball to his stalwart running back Todd Gurley who easily takes it in for a score to seal the game. Sean McVay makes history, becoming the youngest coach to win a Super Bowl!

PREDICTION: Los Angeles Rams 28 New England Patriots 27

Bret Rumbeck (@brumbeck)

I couldn't really come up with anything clever.

I would rather cheer for Tom Brady to win nine Super Bowls than ever give support to the Los Angeles Rams. Brady grew up a 49er fan and still gives high praise to Joe Montana.

Well, I don’t ever see myself like him. He was a so spectacular and I think he’s in a league of his own. " 

Further, I’m not betting against Brady against a young Rams team. The Patriots defense struggles from time to time, but there’s no way they lose the Super Bowl.

PREDICTION: New England: 31 Los Angeles: 24

Travis Hawkins (@TDHawk21)

The keys to this game are rooted in “old school” football, offensive and defensive lines and running backs. Can the Rams get pressure with just their front four, in particularly up the middle and can the Patriots protect against it? Pressure on Brady up the middle will be key. Offensively, each team will look to attack the other team’s linebackers, particularly in the passing game. The team that best executes it’s game plan will win and there is no better coach in the NFL at forcing his opponent’s to play left handed (away from their strength) than Bill Belichick.

PREDICTION: Patriots 31 Rams 27

Matt Woolsey (@AresgodFF)

Here we are again an NFC team and the Patriots. This time that NFC team happens to be the Rams. Brady's first Super Bowl win was against the Rams 1000 years ago. If the defense cannot get pressure on Brady it will be a long night for the Rams on the biggest stage. I would rather see both teams lose, but since someone has to win go rams, I just threw up in my mouth. But I do think the Rams could pull this off 38-34.

PREDICTION: New England: 34 Los Angeles: 38

Matthew Barr (@MattBarr_)

The Patriots are the team that just won't go away. The Rams are the up-and-coming team with the coach who everyone wants to be associated with so bad that his cousin's former roomate's brother's fiancee's barista was just picked up to be a passing game coordinator for the Lions.

As for the game, winning in the playoffs isn't about who does something the best, it's about who doesn't do anything glaringly bad. The Rams secondary can be roasted if the pass rush doesn't get home. Tom Brady dinks and dunks his way down the field and the Pats defense finds some way to slow the McVay train down.

PREDICTION: Patriots 37, Rams 31

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