• Safa Shooshtry

The Armchair Quarterback Volume 10: The GOAT, Caliva, and the Plant

The now legal cannabis industry in California has been attracting great interest from public figures these past few years. Many public figures of various backgrounds are becoming early investors in cannabis companies. Former athletes are starting to view cannabis as a much safer form of pain relief than those remedies provided by pharmaceutical companies. One of these former athletes who just became an investor is former San Francisco 49ers quarterback and GOAT (Greatest of All Time) Joe Montana.

Montana, through his venture capital firm Liquid 2 Ventures, recently became an investor in San Jose based cannabis start-up Caliva. Having Bay Area roots and now a 49ers legend as an investor, Caliva should take the next step and offer up some Niner-inspired strains at their dispensaries. Here are some possible options.

Granddaddy Walsh

The granddaddy of them all! Granddaddy Walsh is the strain that all current strains descend from. Every popular stain of this day and age and can trace its roots back to the granddaddy. Gone but NEVER forgotten. RIP Coach Walsh!

West Coast Cough-ense

It’s not about going deep and having a long lasting high. It’s all about short bursts that keep possession and occur in 15-minute spurts. West Coast Cough-ense will have you dialed in and ready to attack, for that next burst of high.

Golden/Red Goat

In honor of one of the primary investors of Caliva and the GOAT, at least one strain has to be named after Joe Cool! Taking its name from the Golden Goat strain you slap some red onto the name and now its synonymous with Montana!

Mixed Jerry-Berry Kush

In honor of the greatest wide receiver of all-time Jerry Rice, we have a mixed berry Kush. Each berry flavor highlighting one of his many skills. There’s a berry flavor for his great hands, a berry flavor for his speed, and a berry flavor his elusiveness and ability to pick up yards after the catch!

Lott-Head’s Dream

There are the dreamers that wish for the days of old. When defense was still legal in the NFL. When a penalty flag wasn’t thrown for making a quarterback’s eyelash flutter. When tough guys like Ronnie Lott roamed the league and wreaked havoc on opposing offenses. This is what the Lott-Head’s Dream offers. An old-school high that will bring about nostalgia of days past!

Whether or not Caliva will actually engage in this amazing idea is yet to be seen. But should Caliva want to separate itself from the competition and have a greater appeal in the Bay Area market they should definitely consider this!


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