• Safa Shooshtry

The Armchair Quarterback Volume 8: The Recruitment of Ser Antonio

On the fourteenth day of January, in the year of our Lord two thousand and nineteen, Ser Jerry Lee of House Rice spoke to the masses in the Kingdom of Saint Francis. Ser Jerry was the greatest combatant of all-time in the 50 Kingdoms, and spent many years leading the 49th Regiment into battle. He finished his decorated career conquering more yards than any other combatants ever recorded. The topic of his discourse this time centered around one Ser Antonio of House Brown, and his desire to join the 49th Regiment.

Ser Antonio, as many in the Kingdoms have heard, was displeased with the Steel Smith Militia from the City of Bridges. He is thought to have had a feud with the head commanders of the Steel Smiths, Ser Benjamin of House Roethlisberger and Ser Michael of House Tomlin. The malice brewing between Ser Antonio and the rest of the Steel Smiths led to him being kept from battle in their latest campaign and having to stay behind to watch the horse stables.

The great leader of the 49th Regiment King George of House Kittle, after he had completed his historic accolades that same day had heard of the rumblings that were coming from the City of Bridges. He decided that he would reach out to Ser Antonio by way of raven. King George then inscribed a note on the accompanying parchment that read “Ser Antonio, how art thou?” The raven returned to him with a parchment of a self-portrait of Ser Antonio with stars in his eyes. A cryptic prophecy for all on-lookers!

What did that mean? No one knew. But Ser Jerry Lee with his wise ways arranged for a sit-down meeting with Ser Antonio. Knowing all the young warriors respected his prowess, he knew he would be able to talk with Ser Antonio and once and for all figure out where the young soldier’s mind and desires resided. The two warriors: one young and ambitious, the other a decorated veteran, met behind closed screens to discuss the future.

The day following the highly anticipated meeting, Ser Jerry Lee addressed the public. With the court scribes on hand to document his words, he told the public that Ser Antonio with all his heart desires to do battle alongside the 49th Regiment, when the new battle campaign season arrives. He even expressed a desire to train with Ser Jerry Lee and learn his advanced battle techniques.

Although Ser Antonio’s desires have been made clear, and he has an endorsement from a living legend, there is still doubt as to how the Steel Smith Militia will respond. Lord Arthur of House Rooney Second of his Name, ruler of the City of Bridges has made public statements that he does not foresee Ser Antonio returning to battle with the Steel Smiths. It is yet to be seen whether they will allow him safe passage, should he attempt the journey to the Kingdom of Saint Francis. Or will they attempt to banish him to harsh lands with weak military competency? Not even the maesters can predict how this will play out!

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