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The Armchair Quarterback Volume 6: Turn That Frown Antonio Brown

January 4, 2019





With the NFL’s 2018 regular season coming to a close this past Sunday, it’s time for free-agent hysteria to begin once again. If you haven’t been under a rock for the past few days, chances are you have seen or heard some talk of Antonio Brown’s displeasure with his current situation. Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports reported that he has asked to be traded by the Pittsburgh Steelers prior to the start of next season. And according to Brown’s Twitter page, the San Francisco 49ers could be his preferred destination. From exchanging tweets with George Kittle, to liking tweets that were Kittle-specific, and following various 49er players, Brown has been dropping Twitter hints left and right. While everything going on right now is still speculative, 49er Faithful are still allowed to have fun with and entertain the idea. Let’s take a look at some possible monikers that the 49er offense could use next season should Brown arrive in the Bay Area.


KGB (Kittle, Garoppolo, Brown)


Initialisms are always fun. What’s also fun is having a collective name for a squad of players. In the NBA, the Golden State Warriors have the Splash Brothers. Back in the 1990s the Dallas Cowboys had the Triplets. The 49ers even had the Million Dollar Backfield back in the ‘50s. It’s high time this current squad gained a collective name. KGB, it’s perfect as it strikes fear into the hearts of defenses, but in a good competitive football way, not a scary Russian agent way! In the event that Brown does not join the team though, this initialism can still be used with Matt Breida being the “B!”


Brown and Pound


Taking inspiration from the art of “Ground and Pound” in Mixed Martial Arts, “Brown and Pound” would be the combination of the air and ground attack. Brown leading the attack in the through the air and the pound being the combination of Jerick McKinnon and Matt Breida leading the ground attack from the backfield.


The YAC Brown Band


You know they like their spirals tight
A light breeze on Sunday night

A pair of routes that run just right
And yards after the caaaaaaaatch


Well that certainly was fun! But all jokes (and clever puns) aside, there seems to be a real interest on Antonio Brown’s part to come to the 49ers based on all the cryptic twitter activity. Whether he ultimately ends up on the squad next season will be determined by what kind of negations both the 49ers and Steelers can broker. But one thing is for certain, 49er Faithful will be keeping a close eye to watch how this scenario plays out and hoping for the best!

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