The Armchair Quarterback Volume 5: The Final Showdown

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On the thirtieth day of December, in the year of our Lord two thousand and eighteen, King George of House Kittle will attempt to do what no other man in his position has ever done before. He will attempt to conquer more than 1,327 yards in a single season’s military campaign. As it stands for the moment, he needs only 100 yards more to accomplish this daunting feat. He and the 49th Regiment will be doing battle with the Bovine Barbarians of the Angel Kingdom, who will be looking for blood, making it no easy task.

King George has been gaining yards on his opponents all season long and is staring history in the face. Never before has a combatant flanked tight on the end of the battle formation been able to achieve more than 1,327 yards throughout the course of one season of battle. That exploit was of course completed by Sir Robert of House Gronkowski as he spiked his way through battles back in the year of our Lord two thousand and eleven. Once thought to be unrivaled at his position,Sir Robert now has many rivals chasing his accolades, with King George and also Sir Travis of House Kelce representing the Tribe of the Kansas Citadel, closing in on his achievements.

However, it’s not just King George chasing history, the Bovine Barbarians are also chasing history in this upcoming battle. Sir Aaron of House Donald, the defensive specialist of the Angel Kingdom is a mere 4 sacks short of reaching another milestone in a single season’s military campaign. He will be looking to aggressively attack the Hand of the King, Young Nicholas of House Mullens throughout the battle. But the 49th Regiment’s front line led by Sir Joseph of House Staley will be making sure they are not on the wrong side of the history books.

The Angel Kingdom’s Commander McVay and the 49th Regiment’s Commander Shanahan have a long history together as they were both military understudies in Washing’s Landing, the capital of the 50 kingdoms, some years back. Learning from none other than Commander Shanahan’s father Michael the Magnificent. Both commanders share a mutual reverence for the other, but they will hold nothing back as they look to establish dominance against each other in this new and exciting rivalry.

The battle that will take place on the thirtieth of December between the 49th Regiment of the Kingdom of Saint Francis and the Bovine Barbarians of the Angel Kingdom holds many question marks in terms of legacy. Will Sir Aaron of House Donald become the sack master? Will King George conquer the yards he needs to become the yardage master? We will have to wait and find out, but one thing is for certain:the old gods and the new have blessed us with a battle for the ages!

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