• Matt Woolsey

Victory in a Land Called Fantasy: What to Take From 49ers Fantasy Football Performances

Image Credit: Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Image Credit: Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images


The 49ers have shown us that sometimes we don’t know diddly about fantasy football. We do our best and make the best educated guess, but sometimes things come out of left field and take us by surprise. Here are a few:

George Kittle

By far the most productive and most consistent member of the 49ers roster. George Kittle is 99 yards away from surpassing Gronk’s record for yards by a tight end in a single season. The only problem is that Travis Kelce has Kittle beat by about 50 yards right now so unfortunately, he may not be doing it alone. Kittle has surpassed 100 targets and 1,000 yards this season, but I would like to see him utilized a bit more in the red zone, he has only four touchdowns on the season and a couple of them were from him running like a bat out of hell down the field.

I just wonder what kind of a season Kittle would have had with Jimmy Garoppolo under center. Kittle still had good games with Mullens so I have no reason to think he would not have been as productive. One thing I do know is that Kittle will cost you more next season then he did this season when drafting him. If you want Kittle on your team you will have to pay for him.

Pick a Running Back, Any Running Back

What we saw this season was that it almost did not matter who was lined up as the starter in the backfield, they were going to produce in the Kyle Shanahan offense. I even remember the game against the Packers, when it looked like Matt Breida might have been left out of the game and people were even considering Kyle Juszczyk as a playable piece. It was a shame Breida kept getting injured throughout the season, but the Wolverine would not give up. The fight in him was great to see as a 49ers fan, but frustrating to see as a fantasy owner. I am looking forward to seeing what he and Jerick McKinnon will do next season together. We have seen Shanahan make two running backs fantasy relevant when he was in Atlanta, so why couldn’t he do it for San Francisco. I will want a piece of that next season.

Where did the Wide Receivers Go?

The wide receivers for the 49ers were very underwhelming this season. They couldn’t stay healthy, they couldn’t stay consistent by any means. We finally got to a point where we could trust Dante Pettis and he goes out with a MCL sprain in Week 16. It was amazing at how well Kittle did this season because it seemed like he was the only pass catcher out there worth a damn. Next season I am interested in Pettis because he started to come into his own, but the WR corps will need an overhaul next season.

The Quarterbacks

Garoppolo started out the season a little rough and never had time to really get into to a groove. C.J. Beathard couldn’t get out of his own way to ever be a viable starter in fantasy. Mullens was interesting and had some good games this season, and he pulled off some QB1-type numbers. Of course, we know Garoppolo is the starter next season, but if Shanahan can do what he did with Mullens, what can he do with a healthy Garoppolo? We started to see the offense start to gel right when he got hurt, in fact they still had a shot at beating the Chiefs that week until the injury. So it’ll be interesting to see what happens next season, after all Garoppolo coming off an ACL injury will be a late, late pickup that might be worth grabbing.

The Defense

Oh, the 49ers defense, not for fantasy, not really for the NFL (sigh). We have seen some improvement over the past couple weeks. But unless they address that pass rush and start to get some takeaways they will never really be a great starter in fantasy.


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