• Scott Young

HubCast: An Interview with Roger Craig

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Evan And Scott sit down with Three-time Super Bowl Champion and 49ers Legend Roger Craig to discuss his early years, staying motivated in life, Dwight Clark, and his new venture, Sports Thread.

0:00 - Intro and Thank you

1:24 - Intro to Roger Craig

1:53 - On not missing playoffs/Team Mentality/Being a well-rounded player

3:35 - Roger discusses being an innovator of the modern pass catching running back

6:40 - Roger discusses his mentality before being drafted and who he looked up to/his mentors

11:45 - Roger discusses Kyle Shanahan and the similarities to Bill Walsh

15:00 - Roger talks about Sports Thread, and the advantages it gives youth athletes that they didn't have years ago

18:12 - Roger discusses staying motivated in everything in every facet of life

20:55 - Roger discusses his kinship with Dwight Clark and Dwights Legacy

25:00 - Roger talks more about Sports Thread and how to find out more about it.

We here at 49ersHub would like to thank Roger Craig and the team at Sports Thread for this opportunity, and can not wait to see the dramatic changes it creates in the lives of todays youth athletes!

You can find out more about Sports Thread Here!

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