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49ersHub Picks: Who Do We Think Will Win the Battle of the Bay?

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Week 8 is finally here! Last week saw some crazy games happening around the league, and even the 49ers game got pretty crazy! This week the 49ers have a tough challenge With the Oakland Raiders and Jon Gruden! How do we think the game will go? Read on and find out!


Zach Pratt (@Mezachp) (7-1)

I don't like any of this. This is not how the season should have been going at the halfway point. No Jimmy, no Jet, no Sherm, no Reuben, and now not even a CJ? I said it weeks ago, and I'll say it again. Until this team proves to me that it can close out a game, I just can't pick them to win. Derek Carr gets a lot of crap from people, but I think everyone is confident in saying he's better than Nick Mullens. I'm sure Shanahan will still find a way to scheme people open against a terrible Raiders defense, but the other shoe will drop eventually. Enjoy Las Vegas, Raider Nation. Put 20 down on black for me.

PREDICTION: Raiders 27, 49ers 21


Will Cuberos (@wcuberos) (5-3)

Oh man, are you ready for some bad football? The 49ers are taking on the Raiders on Thursday night in what could be an elimination game for the number-one overall pick. Both teams come into the game with only one win but are heading in drastically different directions. Oakland is committed to a complete fire sale so they have less to pack on their way to Las Vegas. While the 49ers have their holes on their roster, the team is attempting to build to the future.

Regardless of how they got to this point, both teams are bad, really bad. Matt Barrows of the Athletic also reported on Tuesday that C.J. Beathard is having trouble holding onto the football with his right hand, which means Nick Mullens could make the first start of his career this week. I don’t think the 49ers pull this one off and they keep themselves in the driver’s seat for the first pick in the 2019 draft.

PREDICTION: Raiders 21, 49ers 17


Bret Rumbeck (@brumbeck) (5-3)

The 49ers win this game if they get all three phases of the football team running on high octane fighter jet fuel.

What's that mean? The offense scores on 80-percent of its possessions, the defense holds the Raiders to under 200 yards of total offense and the 49ers' special teams breaks a 118 game touchdown drought.

We do not live in fantasyland, and the 49ers are not capable of a game like this. Therefore, expect the Raiders to destroy what's remaining in the 49ers' secondary. Derek Carr throws for 300 yards and three scores.

Upon the final gun, Jura's Pizza in Turlock erupts in a 120-decibel "RAAIIIDERS" chant that can be heard from as far away as Hickman.

PREDICTION: Raiders 30 49ers 14


Travis Hawkins (@TDHawk21) (6-2)

After losing to Arizona in Week 1 of the Bosa Bowl Playoffs, the 49ers have a quick turnaround when they face the Oakland Raiders on Thursday night. All signs point to a winnable game for the 49ers. The Raiders have the league’s worst run defense (144.7 yards/game), and give up the second most points per game and have just 7 sacks on the year. The 49ers come into this game banged up and could be short handed in several position groups, most notably cornerback and safety. The 49ers may also be starting Nick Mullens at quarterback if C.J. Beathard’s wrist and thumb won’t allow him to go. The 49ers have dropped two winnable games to Arizona this year, and I picked them to win both; until they show me otherwise, I can’t pick them

PREDICTION: Raiders 21 49ers 17


Matthew Barr (@MattBarr_) (6-2)

Beathard or Mullens? Mullens or Beathard? Does it really matter? Thursday Night Football showcases two of the worst teams in the league. There’s a decent chance this game ends in a 0-0 tie. Both offenses are floundering. However, the Raiders didn’t complete a firesale and the 49ers are going to be without too many key components.

PREDICTION: Raiders 17, 49ers 9


Travis Rapp (@Coach_RappCity) (5-3)

Both offenses struggle in the red zone making this a field goal fest. Both teams kick four with Oakland missing a fifth. The 49ers score their only touchdown of the game on a pick six in the third quarter. The bright spot? Breida breaks a hundred yards on the back of a 70 yard run that ends with a field goal after he’s tackled inside the five. Niners win, but we all hurt just a little inside.

PREDICTION: Niners win 19-12


Max Carlson (@MrFrizzleFry) (6-1-1)

One of my favorite pastimes is riling up raider fans on my Facebook friends list by making absurd posts comparing Derek Carr to QBs like Blaine Gabbert and Nathan Peterman. It brings me great joy, and it has all led up to this moment. All of my smack talk is likely going to backfire in this final battle of the bay, and there won’t be anything I can do about it. I hope I’m wrong, but I find it incredibly difficult to envision a scenario in which the 49ers win this game. The defense is a mess, and while Carr has struggled overall this season, he has found success maintaining drives with high percentage short and intermediate throws. Hopefully Nick Mullens brings an element of surprise and shocks the world, but I’m not putting any money on it. Drink up. Oh well, at least we have Jimmy getting ready for next year. Regardless of what happens, Raider fans are still stuck with an expensive carbon copy of Kevin Kolb.

PREDICTION: Raiders 28, Niners 24


Jay Moore (@Jay_Moore49) (4-4)

49ers are coming off a tough loss on the road to the division rival Arizona Cardinals. Rueben Foster and Jaquiski Tart are out, Quarterback CJ Beathard is on the injury report and may not play, which means undrafted 2nd year quarterback Nick Mullens might make his first start. Though the Raiders have their own problems, I don’t think the 49ers have enough fire power to come away with a win.

PREDICTION: 49ers 17 Raiders 20


Matt Woolsey (@AresGodFF) (5-3)

Game of Thrones, season two, episode nine, Battle of Blackwater. This episode is one of my favorite episodes of the series. This game will be a lot like that episode. We possibly have Nick Mullens, our Tyrion Lannister, leading the charge against the Raiders. In this particular episode the knights of King's Landing fought like hell and spilt blood. But even though Kings Landing won the battle, Tyrion Lannister lost. So too will the 49ers fight hard and spill blood but will undoubtedly lose.

PREDICTION: Raiders win 28-24.


Shelly Holt (@HoltBlogSports) (7-1)

In almost every statistical category, the 49ers are a better team than the 1-6 Raiders. San Francisco has also lost 4 of its 7 by only a score (including 2 three-point games & 2 two-point games). Whereas, Oakland has lost by an average of 12 points in its 7 losses. It appears that the Raiders are also in tank mode for the picks and have given away two of the team’s best players. Meanwhile, the 49ers have remained faithful to its core group despite a glut of injuries and failures to get the job(s) done. It doesn’t mean that the 49ers are a lock to win Thursday night’s game in Santa Clara. They are not a good team right now and are playing unharmoniously mistake-laden football. The team also lacks big playmakers at crucial spots and basic fundamentals are being overlooked. YET, somewhere in there – the 49ers have heart and a soul. The players know the coaching staff believes in them and has their backs. The same can’t be said for the Raiders. Gruden’s trade of Amari Cooper this week sealed that deal. This could be the difference-maker for San Francisco on Thursday who should use that confidence (and its fans) to lift the team up and win. A very bad Oakland defense will help, even with a probable third-string quarterback under center for San Francisco due to a Beathard injury. And, maybe the entry of fresh-faced Mullens into the picture is just what the doctor ordered for the 49ers. Sure, the 23-year old will have his rookie issues, but with the dynamic trio of Breida, Goodwin and Kittle to hand the ball off to, this should instill some confidence in the kid. As for the Niners defense which played well enough last week against the Cardinals to keep the team in the game early, they won’t have to deal with Marshawn Lynch and Amari Cooper. But, there will still be a decent Raiders offense to challenge them behind a recently surging Derek Carr. The key in this game is for the Niners defense to continue its good play and help give Mullens some breathing room to relax. If so, I believe San Francisco (finally) gets its second win of the season.

PREDICTION: 49ers 31, Raiders 27


Kevin Molina (@KevinAMolina) (5-2-1)

The final “Battle Of Bay” or what some have affectionately called the “Bosa Bowl” will be played tonight at Levi’s Stadium in front of a national audience (we think). Both teams come in with just one win, the combined winning percentage of .133 is lowest of any primetime game ever held November 1st or later

Both team suck, that's the simple truth of it and its not going to get any better, hell its probably going to get worse this season. One team (Oakland) is going through a tear down and the other (San Francisco) is still going to a rebuild that has been put on hold due to injuries. Both defense have been bottom 10 teams per most defensive stats and metrics and offensively both are inconsistent at best. The 49ers may have to depend on Nick Mullens to start his NFL game and take his first NFL snap in place of CJ Beathard, who at this point is a walking injury report.

That is what makes this game so unpredictable to call, we really don’t know what we are going to get. Will we see the 49ers that played the Chargers and Packers tough? or will see the 49ers that got crushed by the Rams and fell flat on its face against the Cardinals in their two games this season? Will we see the Raiders that were dismantled by the Chargers and Seahawks? Or the team that played 3/4ths of a game against the Colts?

At this point I predict that it will be an enjoyably bad game with a lot of mental (especially on the defensive end) breakdowns that lead to opportunities for the other team

I’ll give the home team the edge in a very close game

PREDICTION: 49ers 23 Raiders 21


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