• Shelly Holt

That Winning Feeling is Back Again: Why the Week 6 Game Versus the Packers Reignited My Belief in t

Image Credit: Andrew Giesemann

As a 49ers fan, I haven’t had much of an opportunity to love the game of football this season.

It’s been a dreary one that has tested my patience when I thought we were supposed to take a major step forward.

But, like everyone else who had scant hope with our team before Monday, there are still moments I can take away from each game where I’m proud of my guys and can still see what the future will bring.

This happened in spades when the Niners traveled to Lambeau Field and took on the Packers Monday night.

It seemed like everyone doubted they could even put together a decent showing for the national audience. Vegas thought Green Bay would rout San Francisco by at least 9.5 points. And, the league had bumped the Niners from Week 7’s Sunday Night contest versus the Rams.

So, it was with great pride when I saw the red and gold almost snatch away the win from those NFC North Cheeseheads on MNF.

The struggles that have plagued the Niners all season long were minimized and the offense was clicking all night. There were no three-and-outs until the fourth quarter. Beathard had a great performance, throwing for a career-high 245 yards and 2 touchdowns. The sacks were kept to a minimum as well, allowing Beathard to go 16-23 and garner a 90.6 QBR. The rushing game was terrific too, outrunning Green Bay 174 yards to 116.

The defense and special teams also shined by out-tackling the Packers, sacked Aaron Rodgers three times, caused him to make a lot of misses, and the kick-return game brought the ball back for over 130 total yards. The Niners were up at the halfway point and led until the final minutes of the game...

It was thrilling. I was on the edge of my seat to the last second. And, even though they ultimately came up short, I loved every minute of seeing this team almost hit on the expectations set forth in the preseason.

So, I would like to say thank you to the 49ers players for putting yourselves out there during a losing season where you saw your franchise quarterback and star running back both go out by Week 3.

I also realize that a lot of you are playing through pain week in and week out. This takes guts and determination and we appreciate it.

Also, thanks for bringing the pride back home to Santa Clara and to the living room of each fan that rooted you on.

Yeah, I’m disappointed that we lost Monday, but it doesn’t take away the awesome spark and excitement you gave me and all other 49ers fans back again.

Like everyone else who cares about the future of the team, I have been critical about why we are in this 1-5 predicament. But, I can see again that the future is bright, thanks to the performance on Monday night.

Improvement is happening. We can’t beat ourselves up for sustaining massive injuries and some mistakes that have been unfortunate. Let’s just go week by week and try to get better and learn from the losses. That goes for the fans as well as the players.

Next up is the Rams on Sunday. Go and kick some ass, boys. We’re behind you.

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