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49ersHub Picks: Who Do We Think Will Win Week 6?

Image Credit: Andrew Giesemann

Week 6 is finally here! Last week saw some crazy games happening around the league, and even the 49ers game got pretty crazy! This week the 49ers have a tough challenge with the Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers!! How do we think the game will go? Read on and find out!

Zach Pratt (@Mezachp) (4-1)

That visual of Kyle Shannahan just dropping his head and sighing on the sidelines last week is exactly the picture to describe our season. That was ugly. In a game where the defense played pretty well, the offense just couldn't execute. Now they have to go on the road, to Lambeau, on Monday Night Football, to face a PO'd Aaron Rodgers looking to keep the Packers in playoff contention? Good luck, defense. It's going to be a long night. Bonus prediction: My eternal draft crush, Equinimeous St. Brown, is going to torch Akhello Witherspoon at least three times for big gains. Just to twist the knife a little bit deeper.

PREDICTION: Green Bay 38, San Francisco 13

Will Cuberos (@wcuberos) (3-2)

The 49ers are playing their first nationally-televised game Monday night and it won’t be pretty. Green Bay sits in second in the NFC North with a goofy 2-2-1 record. While Mike McCarthy’s offense could be called “confusing” he has the benefit of having Aaron “should have been a 49er” Rodgers at quarterback. Green Bay is a notoriously difficult place to play and I’d expect the young 49ers to struggle there even if the team was fully healthy. The 49ers improved on their poor tackling Sunday against the Cardinals but made up for it by committing five turnovers in an eventual loss to the worst team in football. With the lack of an adequate pass rush and suspect play in the secondary, there’s no way I see the 49ers pulling out a road win Monday night. I think the Niners drop to 1-5 and it’s a race with the Giants for the first pick in the draft.

PREDICTION: Packers 31, 49ers 18

Bret Rumbeck (@brumbeck) (3-2)

The following is a farcical conversation that happened earlier in the Packers' quarterback meeting.

McCarthy: Okay, Aaron. You lost to the Lions. How angry are you?

Rodgers: Seething. Like when some reporter brings up my relationship with my family. I can feel the bile rising.

McCarthy: Fantastic. Thoughts on the 49ers' secondary?

Rodgers: I am going to rip their lungs out and embarrass them on national television.

McCarthy: I like your attitude. You're going to make me look brilliant once again.

PREDICTION: Packers 33 49ers 13

Travis Hawkins (@TDHawk21) (4-1)

The 49ers travel to the not yet frozen tundra of Lambeau Field to take on the Packers of Green Bay. The Niners come into this game as wounded as I can remember and may be without Matt Breida this week. On a positive note, it looks like Marquise Goodwin will be back this week and could provide some much needed punch for the offense. The defense is coming off of its best outing of the year and should be well rested having logged the fewest plays of the season last week. The defense is going to need every bit of that extra rest to slow down Aaron Rodgers and I don’t think they will be able to generate enough pass rush to force Rodgers into the mistakes it will take for the 49ers to get a win

PREDICTION: Packers 28 49ers 14

Matthew Barr (@MattBarr_) (4-1)

It’s unfortunate that the NFL schedule doesn’t allow for games to be flexed out of MNF. The 49ers are in for a rough one. Aaron Rodgers is coming off a loss against the Lions and won’t be happy. He takes it out on the beat up secondary. C.J. Beathard puts up yards and scores again but the turnover bug continues to haunt the 49ers. Packers roll.

PREDICTION: Packers 38, 49ers 24

Travis Rapp (@Coach_RappCity) (3-2)

Beathard’s passer rating continues to be ravaged by tips from Celek. Packers offense struggles against what starts to become a formidable defense for the 49ers, but with their defense giving them a pick-six, packers get the win. Alfred Morris does his best Isaiah Crowell impression, but it isn’t enough in the end.

PREDICTION: 49ers lose to Packers 24-17

Max Carlson (@MrFrizzleFry)

I’m not expecting CJ Beathard to beat Rodgers at Lambau, but this is a great opportunity for the youth on this team to show up and ball on national television. The season obviously hasn’t gone according to plan, but these players are still hungry to prove themselves. Another big test for Witherspoon, and a big opportunity for Richie James. I’m looking forward to this one, despite the inevitable outcome.

PREDICTION: Packers 33 Niners 24

Jay Moore (@Jay_Moore49) (2-3)

49ers have a chance to move the ball against the packers defense but the difference will be #12 on the packers. Rodgers should have no issue sustaining drives versus the 49ers defense, who have 9 sacks on the season. Packers should win the time of position, and run away with the game in the 2nd half.

PREDICTION: 49ers 20 Packers 34

Matt Woolsey (@AresGodFF) (3-2)

Hello darkness, my old friend

I've come to talk with you again

Because a vision softly creeping

Left its seeds while I was sleeping

And the vision that was planted in my brain

Still remains

Within the sound of silence

Our first primetime game and it's in Green Bay against Aaron bloody Rodgers, kill me. If the 49ers turn the ball over five times in this game, the Packers may set a record for most points scored in a game. I think the offense can move against their defense, but let's face it, the 49ers are going to drop an L Monday night.

PREDICTION: Packers win 42-27

Shelly Holt (@HoltBlogSports) (5-0)

It’s too bad the 49ers are so banged up, because good teams have a chance to upset the wobbly Packers right now. The Green Bay offense has been struggling, Aaron Rodgers had a “setback” with his knee on Sunday against the Lions, two starting offensive tackles are now on the injury list (adding to their continued O-Line issues) and even their wide receiver corps is gimpy. But, San Fran’s injury issues are staggering and may be too hard to overcome especially if running back Matt Breida does not play in this one. That would give the Niners little chance to take the Week 6 win on the road at Lambeau Field. Green Bay (2-2-1) is also very motivated to win this game as they have a nasty stretch of games coming up against the league’s best teams. That being said, I think the 49ers have their own motivation this week: to not be embarrassed on national television, especially after being bumped out of primetime on Oct 21 against the Rams. The Packers will probably cover the 9.5-point spread, but this could be closer than expected if San Fran shows up, plays efficient football, and limits what the Packers offense is capable of. Unfortunately, the 49ers have not yet proven that they are capable of pulling off a big win this season.

PREDICTION: Packers 31, 49ers 17

Kevin Molina (@KevinAMolina) (4-1)

"Everyone says we have a lot of injuries & we got kicked out of a Sunday Night Football game no one really expects us to win Monday night. Screw them & we’re going to do everything we can to show up & we’re going to ball out.” - @gkittle46

That is the mentality that the 49ers will be bringing into Monday Night against the Packers. He is right no one expects them to win especially since there is a high likelihood that they will be without breakout RB Matt Breida. Many view this as a “get right” game for QB Aaron Rodgers & the Packers. The 49ers have yet to prove that they can consistently pressure and ultimately bring down the QB so Rodgers will have a favorable matchup against a defense that while statistically is better than what people assume they are is prone to mental and physical breakdowns.

On the other side of things the 49ers should have success on the ground even without Breida as the Packers have the 27th ranked Run Defense DVOA and the 49ers average over 135 yards a game and 5 yards per carry. The struggle will come in the pass game; Dante Pettis has already been ruled out, Matt Maiocco of NBC Sports Bay Area reported that Trent Taylor is out as well, Pierre Garçon is dealing with knee and shoulder injuries and Marquise Goodwin stated this week that he recently had fluid drained for his knee due to the quad injury he is endure week one of the season. Thats not to mention that the Packers have the 11th rank Pass Defense per Football Outsiders and gave up the 2nd fewest passing yards per game at 208.8.

If the 49ers can keep the mistake to a minimum and utilize their biggest strength on offense, their run game they will be able to keep it a reasonably close game but A-A-Ron will do A-A-Ron like things and win this game for Green Bay

PREDICTION: Packers 28 49ers 20

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