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Ain't No Bed of Rosens: Rookie Cardinals QB Can Be Major Mismatch Against 49ers

Image Credit: Michael Chow/The Republic

Josh Rosen's downfield accuracy is both fun to watch and something to fear for 49ers fans

This week, the 49ers get a taste of Josh Rosen (let's be mature, guys) as he makes his second career start on Sunday at San Francisco. Pretty much every analyst has said Rosen's film last week against the Seahawks looked far better than his box score statistics (15 of 27 for 180 yards and a touchdown), and you're not going to get a devil's advocate from me.

So to illustrate why the 49ers defense needs to step up to take down the rookie quarterback, let's take a look at some of Josh Rosen's tape from last week.

It goes without saying that Rosen's accuracy was phenomenal on Sunday. Of course, the issue was that his receivers were constantly dropping passes. This is a well-thrown ball that literally flies out of Christian Kirk's hands as he hits the ground.

This is a far less routine (and tougher) catch to make, but Chad Williams still needs to get both feet in. Rosen is able to keep his cool under blindside pressure and fires this seed for what is initially ruled a touchdown. That Rosen is even able to fit this ball into an impossible window in his first career start is truly special, whether it was completed or not.

Rosen's combination of arm talent with tight windows and downfield accuracy made him a lovable prospect entering the 2018 draft, and Cardinals fans saw him bring the goods against the Seahawks. This is almost caught by the wrong receiver, but Rosen's bullet pass to Ricky Seals-Jones arrives perfectly on time.

This time, Chad Williams hangs onto this touchdown grab. Rosen's patience and ability to adjust his spot in the pocket against the blindside edge rusher stand out here. He keeps his eyes downfield while also maintaining composure, a great sign for a rookie quarterback, as he rifles this one to Williams for the touchdown.

Sam Bradford was terrible as a starter in Arizona, but back when he wasn't washed he was a phenomenal downfield passer. Bradford's accuracy into tight windows with the Vikings in particular was sensational, as it always seems to make its way to a receiver regardless of the size of the window.

Rosen's performance against Seattle was of a similar caliber. This pass, again to Seals-Jones, is amazing, and shows the potential of this young quarterback.

I felt that Josh Rosen's decision making in college was inconsistent; otherwise he would've been the top quarterback to me (behind Lamar Jackson [that's turning out well] and Baker Mayfield). But if the Seahawks game is of any indication, his accuracy looks to be phenomenal while his cannon arm further enhances his deep accuracy.

Rosen might be in for a test on the road, but so is the 49ers defense, so this matchup should be a lot of fun come Sunday.


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