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49ersHub Picks: Who Do We Think Will Win Week 4?

Image Credit: Andrew Giesemann

Image Credit: Andrew Giesemann

Week 4 is finally here! Last week saw some crazy games happening around the league, and even the 49ers game got pretty crazy! While Jimmy's injury is a very sad blow, the show must go on! This week the 49ers have their biggest matchup yet against the San Diego Chargers! How do we think the game will go? Read on and find out!

Zach Pratt (@Mezachp) (2-1)

Welp. I knew we would probably lose to the Chiefs, but I didn't think we would lose that much. The only thing giving me hope this week is that the Chargers always seem to lose games at home that they have every right to win, which is exactly the scenario this week. While I love C.J. Beathard as much as anyone, I think that Los Angeles has too much firepower on offense and enough playmakers on defense that it should be an easy win for the Chargers. I think the 49ers cover, but Los Angeles wins

PREDICTION: Chargers 34, 49ers 24

Will Cuberos (@wcuberos) (2-1)

Hello darkness, my old friend

I’ve come to talk with you again

The 49ers gear up to take on the Los Angeles Chargers this Sunday in their glorified soccer stadium. While the Chargers haven’t looked particularly great this season, they still have future Hall of Fame quarterback Philip Rivers and a dangerous weapon at receiver in Keenan Allen. Allen hasn’t practiced this week, but head coach Anthony Lynn believes Allen is fine and should be available Sunday.

The 49ers’ secondary has been porous this season and will be missing top cornerback Richard Sherman for the next few weeks with a calf injury. On offense Matt Breida is tied for the league lead in rushing and should see his touches increase this week with C.J. Beathard getting the start at quarterback for the injured Jimmy Garoppolo. But the Niners have caught a break in that defensive end Joey Bosa will miss the game with a foot injury that has kept him out all season so far.

The matchup I’m most looking forward to is tight end George Kittle vs. safety Derwin James. James is a player a lot of fans, including myself, wanted to 49ers to draft at number nine this year. James is leading the Chargers is sacks and interceptions at this early point in the season. I think the 49ers can keep it close, but eventually fall to the Chargers, beginning what might be a long 13 weeks without Garoppolo at quarterback.

PREDICTION: Chargers 30-49ers 23

Bret Rumbeck (@brumbeck) (2-1)

Did the 49ers hire an alchemist to turn the leaden secondary into gold? Or did Lynch bring on Dr. Rudy Wells to install bionic right arms on the defense? No? Then forget it.

PREDICTION: Chargers 33 49ers 13

Travis Hawkins (@TDHawk21) (3-0)

The 49ers go on the road to take on the road to take on the Chargers in what should be a defacto home game. The Chargers have too many offensive weapons for the depleted 49ers secondary and will put up some points and C.J. Beathard and company will not be able to keep pace, but will keep it closer than expected.

PREDICTION: Chargers 27 49ers 20

Matthew Barr (@MattBarr_) (3-0)

Quarterback Phillip Rivers is a savvy veteran and will know how to manipulate a 49ers secondary playing without cornerback Richard Sherman. Head coach Kyle Shanahan and QB C.J. Beathard do their best to get the offense rolling but with both running backs banged up, they come up short. A garbage time TD makes the score look closer than the game actually is.

PREDICTION: Chargers 27, 49ers 17

Travis Rapp (@Coach_RappCity) (2-1)

The supporting cast shows up around Beathard. Breida helps keep it close, and Kittle has a complete coming out party with two TD catches.

PREDICTION: Niners still lose 21-27

Jay Moore (@Jay_Moore49) (1-2) With the loss of the 49ers starting QB Jimmy Garoppolo, the 49ers are no match for the Chargers on the road. Though the game felt like a home game for the 49ers due to all the niner fans in the crowd, it wasn’t enough to get the win. 49ers have some success on the ground with Matt Breida, but the offense sputters to often with new QB CJ Beathard. Defensively the team has a better outing than in the previous week, but the offense does not help out the defense late in the game with to many 3 and outs.

PREDICTION: 49ers 16 Chargers 27

Max Carlson (@MrfrizzleFry) (2-1)

I like CJ Beathard, I really do. But there’s just no way to spin this in a positive light; The 49ers’ season is looking incredibly bleak. Despite the inescapable sense of dread, I’m really looking forward to seeing the continued development of the youth on our roster. All of these games are still very important for the future of the franchise, but I don’t think we’re going to win many of them. This one will be no exception. Our banged up secondary will have their hands full all day trying to stop Philip Rivers and his elite group of skill position players.

PREDICTION: Score: Chargers 31 Niners 13

Matt Woolsey (@AresGodFF) (2-1)

Now is not the time to feel sorry for ourselves. Now is not the time to cry ourselves to sleep or thank about what could have been. This may end being the time when the TRUE fans come forward and shout with one voice, WE will not go quietly into the night! WE will not vanish without a fight! WE'RE going to live on! WE'RE going to survive! Today we celebrate our Beathard!

PREDICTION: Niners win in a close one 24-21

Shelly Holt (@HoltBlogSports) (3-0)

Even though the Chargers are 1-2 to start the season, they have faced off against two of the top teams in the league so far (Chiefs and Rams). And, the fact that they were competitive with LAR throughout Week 3’s game gives the Chargers added points in my book. This week, they face a substantially weakened 49ers team at home who won’t have their franchise quarterback, best cornerback (Sherman) and safety (Tartt). This gives them the edge. The question is: by how much? San Francisco still has a top performing tight end (Kittle) and the second best running game in the league, but too many injuries to key players will likely hurt them against the Chargers who have a top 5 offense and excellent Red Zone TD Percentage (70%). Add in a below average San Francisco pass rush and passing defense overall, Philip Rivers may have some fun at the 49ers expense. C.J. Beathard needs to show us something very special on Sunday and take leadership of this team for any hope. It’s doable, but in the end, I hate to agree with Vegas who I think is getting it right predicting 49ers +10.5. I may be generous with the points I’m giving San Fran. If they are improved at all, should score at least 3 TDs against a defense missing Joey Bosa. If not, it’s going to be an even longer year than we thought after Jimmy G went down.

PREDICTION: Chargers 38, 49ers 24

Kevin Molina (@KevinAMolina) (3-0)

Sunday will be the 49ers first game post Garoppolo injury and many expect the 49ers to crash and burn the rest of the way.Garoppolo covered up for a lot of worts and inexperience on this team and they will have to find a way to regroup and continue on for the rest of the 2018 season. While the Chargers have the kind of offense that could shred any defense apart, their defense has been inconsistent and has been picked apart of opposing offenses so far. The 49ers are facing them at the right time without star Defensive End Joey Bosa and even though much is not expected of new starter CJ Beathard Sunday is one of the few games the rest of the season where a victory is very much in play. The 49ers will lean even more on NFL leading rusher Matt Breida and the rejuvenated Alfred Morris to go along with what is likely to be a heavy play action based passing offense. On defense there has been a renewed emphasis on tackling and while it won’t completely be fixed we should see a far more competent defense that doesn’t have the mental lapses that killed them the first 3 weeks of the season. I am calling a victory albeit a close one this Sunday. The Chargers are inconsistent enough where I feel like Kyle Shanahan will be able to exploit the lapses in their defense and the 49ers defense should do enough to hold down the Chargers offense to a reasonable score. Playing in front of what will be likely a large contingent of 49ers at the StubHub Center will give a much needed boost to a team looking to keep it together

PREDICTION: 49ers 24 Chargers 21

Scott Young (@FakeScottYoung) (2-1)

As much as last week to me was about pushing past a seemingly unwinnable game and showing what kind of team they can become, this game is even more about that. Seeing what they can do without Jimmy will be key. Thankfully, the team itself Is better than the last time Beathard started, and having led the team to a handful of losses last season by 3 points or less, I have a feeling they can squeak out a win here, showing a hurting fan base that everything will be ok. Even when it's not.

PREDICTION: 49ers 24-21

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