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A Look at Jimmy Garoppolo's Interceptions from Week 1 Against Vikings

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In case you've been living under a rock, you know that 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo struggled heavily against the Vikings in Week 1. In the 49ers' 24-16 loss, Garoppolo only completed 15 of 33 passes for 237 yards, a touchdown and three interceptions.

I'm not going to stall anything. Let's immediately dive into Garoppolo's interceptions so we can look at what went wrong.

Garoppolo's first interception, a pick six to rookie Mike Hughes, was acknowledged as a miscommunication with receiver Kendrick Bourne, who was running the wrong route. However, it appears as if Garoppolo fired this one a little two late, either that or he was expecting Bourne to run a curl route. The arm strength on this one doesn't appear great either, most likely aided by Garoppolo not stepping into his throw.

Garoppolo's second interception, intended for rookie receiver Dante Pettis, was taken by Xavier Rhodes. Whereas the previous interception at least was understandable because of the miscommunication between Garoppolo and Bourne, this one has no excuse as it was a poorly thrown ball.

Pettis does a fantastic job of creating separation on Rhodes, but Garoppolo. locking onto him, fires wide and too high, allowing Rhodes to make a great interception on what should've been an easy pass.

Finally, I'm not sure what Garoppolo was thinking on his third interception, other than to move the chains of course. The only way you could complete this pass to Trent Taylor is by floating it high in the air and with enough arm strength, and even then it's a tall order to make that level of precision work in a tight window.

Anyway, Garoppolo stares Taylor down without seeing Harrison Smith, arguably the best safety in football. Smith makes Garoppolo, under pressure, pay for his mistake, sealing the game for the Vikings.

To me, all three interceptions were on Garoppolo. They show that he needs to make an effort to play better when taken out of his comfort level. Kyle Shanahan's spread offense can't always put him in great environments, and he has to show that he can hang with better defenses, deliver under pressure in the pocket, and throw accurately into tight windows.


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