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49ersHub Picks: Who Do We Think Will Win Week 2?

Image Credit: Andrew Giesemann

Week 2 is finally here! Last week saw some crazy games happening around the league, and even the 49ers Game got pretty crazy!This week the 49ers have their home opener against the Detroit Lions! How do we think the game will go? Read on and find out!

Zach Pratt (@Mezachp) (0-1)

Talk about two teams that are hoping to reverse the media's narrative after their respective week one performances. Jimmy G is looking to get back on track, while Matt Stafford and the Lions are looking to find the track to begin with. In games like this, I look to the coaches to see who can put their team in the best position to win. Kyle Shanahan, an offensive mastermind, managed to scheme receivers open against potentially the best defense in the NFL, while Matt Patricia, a "defensive" guy, allowed the youngest starting quarterback in modern NFL history to turn the Lions into the Ol' Yellers, after the rabies were cured. Give me the first guy.

PREDICTION: 49ers 35, Lions 17


Will Cuberos (@wcuberos) (1-0)

After a heartbreaker Week 1 against the Vikings the 49ers look to rebound against the 0-1 Detroit Lions. Jimmy Garoppolo had three interceptions against 2017’s number one defense and the offense never seemed to click. The good thing about this week is that defensively, Detroit is far from Minnesota. The Lions had problems stopping rookie quarterback Sam Darnold while on the other side of the ball Matt Stafford seemed more than happy to throw passes to Jets defenders.

I think the Niners come out motivated not only by last week’s disappointment, but also by playing in front of a fired-upcrowd at home. I don’t see the Lions having an answer on either side of the ball,andthe Niners end up with the win to even their record at 1-1.

PREDICTION: 49ers 31- Lions 18


Bret Rumbeck (@brumbeck) (1-0)

Every sentient being needs a rebound: a scorned lover, jilted bride, fabled professional football team. Naturally, the San Francisco 49ers need a rebound to come back from last week's somewhat ugly loss to the Vikings. Enter the Detroit Lions, a scheduling gift from Commissioner Goodell. The Lions will put up a fight, but the Good Guys - with a little help from the searing Santa Clara sun and a late interception from Fred Warner - come out on top.

PREDICTION: San Francisco 30 Detroit 21


Travis Hawkins (@TDHawk21) (1-0)

The 49ers host the Detroit Lions this week as both teams look to rebound from disappointing showings and to avoid starting 0-2. There are rumblings in the Detroit media and among the Lions fan base that the Lions’ players have already checked out and are not happy with head coach Matt Patricia’s coaching style. The 49ers take advantage of a LIons team that is in disarray and has to travel on a short week. The 49ers use this as a “get right” game.

PREDICTION: 49ers 31 Detroit 17​


Matthew Barr (@MattBarr_) (1-0)

HC Kyle Shanahan and QB Jimmy Garoppolo bounce back after a rough week one. Pettis continues to roll with his second touchdown reception. Buckner adds two more sacks to his total and starts to become a nationally recognized player. Stafford has some success with his bevy of wideouts but, in the end, it doesn’t even matter. 49ers win big.

PREDICTION: 49ers 30, Lions 17


Travis Rapp (@Coach_RappCity) (0-1)

After the 49ers open with a three and out, Bradley Pinion pins them inside the ten and the DL quickly gives them a 2-0 lead. This opens the onslaught on offense and the game is never in doubt the last three quarters. Garoppolo throws two red zone TD’s off of RPO’s -one to Kittle, and one to Taylor- defense puts up the safety and two TD returns (pick six and strip sack fumble recovery. Stafford leaves the game wondering if this is still worth it.

PREDICTION: Niners 33-13


Jay Moore (@Jay_Moore49) (0-1) 49ers start the season 1-1 with a big win at home over the lions. Lions quarterback Mathew Stafford throws a few interceptions that spark the 49ers offense. Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo bounces back from his rough day with a big day in the passing game. Levi’s stadium finally feels like a home field advantage.

PREDICTION: 49ers beat Lions 30-17


Evan Sowards (@EvanSowards) (0-1)

The Lions this offseason and the Lions right now seem to be two very different teams. So seem to be the 49ers. We’re looking for a major bounce back from Jimmy Garoppolo. Throwing three picks he’ll look for a much easier contest as far as ranked defenses go. Starting a rookie undrafted guard is never a good thing. I still see this as a great opportunity for Dante Pettis, George Kittle, Trent Taylor, and Jimmy to really make some plays.

PREDICTION: I’m going 20-13 San Francisco


Max Carlson (@MrfrizzleFry) (0-1)

Both of these teams will be looking to bounce back after their forgettable performances to open the season. The Niners were dealt a rough hand with a brutal 7 game gauntlet to open the season, but this is one of the few absolutely winnable games in that stretch. If they lose this one, my finger will inch closer to the panic button.

PREDICTION: Score: 35-16 Niners


Matt Woolsey (@AresGodFF) (1-0)

Life is sad, believe me Missy,

When you're born to be a sissy

Without the vim and verve.

But I could change my habits,

Nevermore be scared of rabbits

If I only had the nerve.

I'm afraid there's no denyin'

I'm just a dandylion

A fate I don't deserve.

--Cowardly Lion

Last week was a tough matchup for the 49ers and despite the turnovers, dropped passes, and the mental errors the 49ers could have won the game. The Vikings a Super Bowl favorite and the Niners could have won. Monday night the Lions were decimated by the Jets in all three phases of the game.

I'm not going to sit here and tell you the 49ers will repeat what the Jets did Monday night but I have no reservations about the Niners winning this game against the Lions.

PREDICTION: Winner 49ers 30-13


Shelly Holt (@HoltBlogSports) (1-0)

Everything seems to point towards San Francisco taking their home opener against the Lions with a good point spread. Detroit experienced an ugly loss at home on Monday, the team will be on the road after a short week, head coach Matt Patricia is reportedly losing the locker room and history is not in their favor: The Lions’ last road win against the 49ers was in 1975. Still, this Week 2 contest should be competitive as Detroit may come to Santa Clara with redemption on its mind. If Shanahan and company are authentic, they will find a way to bounce-back well from last week’s loss and pull this off, which I think they will. Yes, concerns remain about Garoppolo, the instability of the offensive line, injuries and Reuben Foster out again, but I think Detroit has bigger problems. I see both quarterbacks coming out with guns blazing, so I’m more bullish than most experts about the points each offense will put up.

PREDICTION: 49ers 37, Lions 24


Kevin Molina (@KevinAMolina) (1-0)

After a disappointing start to the 2018 season against the Vikings the 49ers come home for the season opener against the Detroit Lions. Sunday will be the first game following a 49ers loss in the Jimmy Garoppolo era & they’ll have some tough questions to answer to not just the fans and the media but to themselves including the lack of efficiency in the redzone, the drops by the skill players and the poor tackling that they showcased against MIN. DET is a good opponent for them given the myriad of issues they are facing and the knowledge Garoppolo and Shanahan have of new Lions Head Coach Matt Patricia. Shanahan went head to head with Patricia during Super Bowl 51 and Garoppolo faced Patricia in practice every day as the leader of the scout team for the pervious 3 and a half years that Garoppolo was in New England. While Patricia should have a similar understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of Garoppolo and Shanahan he still does not have the proper personnel to run his defense. The All-22 film showed that even against a great defense like the Vikings Shanahan could consistently create huge pockets of space that allowed the 49ers skill players to get open. That trend should continue against a beaten up Lions defense & after their showing on Sunday we should a refocused bunch even with the injuries that they endured. On the other end the 49ers pass defense will be tested by the Lions passing game. DET has as good a trio of WRs as the league has to offer. It will come down to the pass rush of the 49ers to force Matt Stafford into the same type of errors he committed against the Jets. Stud DT DeForest Buckner & the rest of the DL should have a very favorable matchup against the Lions OL. DET over the offseason has made a commitment to being a more balanced offense by leaning more on the run game but that will come up against a run defense that has the potential to be a top 10 unit. While the 49ers should expected a significantly better effort from the Lions than they showed last Monday Night they should expect a better from themselves and win comfortably

PREDICTION: 49ers 31 Lions 20


Scott Young (@FakeScottYoung) (0-1)

Last game was ugly, but not for the reasons a game is normally ugly. It was ugly because our expectations and reality didn't meet, and even though the team played better than expected amongst those with normal expectations, it still sucked to see. Mistakes, miscues, drops, sacks, everything is a fixable mistake and a teachable moment, and given the tight nature of the team at the present time, I'm sure they're eager to show off what they've learned.

PREDICTION: 49ers 30-17


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