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Does Garoppolo's New Deep Ball Change Expectations?

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There are a bunch of videos coming out of the quarterback completing deep throws. Should fans adjust their expectations?

When the pads went on for the first time in the 49ers’ training camp, many reported that Jimmy Garoppolo underthrew and overthrew many deep passes to wideouts that had a step on the secondary. Garoppolo, like always, then stayed after practice to work on his connections and timing with his receiving corps and tight ends.

A few days later, Garoppolo snapped the ball and quickly spotted George Kittle, throwing a pinpoint-like pass up the left seam for a 25-yard touchdown to beat man coverage.

Minutes passed, and Garoppolo threw again, this time it was a 30-yard pass to Pierre Garçon, who ran a deep cross from right to left along the left sideline, while being covered by Richard Sherman.

Garoppolo then took sthe deep-ball blemish off his résumé when he found Marquise Goodwin across the field and decided to launch a rocket towards the end-zone, resulting in a touchdown.

Not only did Garoppolo display his quick and fast reflexes when it came to short and intermediate throws, but he also demonstrated his versatile skill set and how it has much more to offer than meets the eye, especially through the deep ball.

Although the regular season is a month away from now, Garoppolo’s work ethic and training will play a large factor in high-scoring close games, encouraging both players in the locker room and coaches in the front office.

When asked in a press conference about Jimmy Garoppolo’s second season and offseason learning, Kyle Shanahan stated that “We’re done with the install, so now we’re isolating out a few more things that we come back to that we haven’t since like day one. But, much further along obviously than he was last year.”

On KNBR’s Tolbert and Lund Podcast, Garoppolo’s teammate Matt Breida was invited to give a first-hand experience on his transition from his rookie year to his sophomore year in the NFL.

When asked about Garoppolo, he stated “Last year, [he] would come in the huddle, and he didn’t know the whole offense at all. We would go in, he would call a play, and we’d be all looking at each other like, ‘What did he say ?’ It would just be amazing because he would still go out there and make the completion or make it work somehow. And now, second year around, watching him go in there with confidence, knowing what he’s doing, and understanding why he’s doing it, it’s just amazing. I think the sky’s the limit for Jimmy. He can be a hall of famer, easily.”

Isn’t that interesting? Jimmy Garoppolo was using terminology, that at time, was still foreign to him and the offense was able to score 26 on the Texans, 25 on the Titans, and 37 on the Jaguars, going from ranked 21st in average points per game to 5th in average points per game. Not only did Garoppolo in that short span improve the offense, but the defense as well, who was accountable for having played too many snaps due to the offense’s weaknesses, turned into a top-10 unit once Garoppolo and his offense began understanding the gibberish and picked up first downs.

After starting 0-9 and ending the season with a five-game winning streak, Jimmy Garoppolo’s expectations have never been higher for 49ers fans, the players, and the front office. The team has already seen him execute the playbook as anticipated at training camp and with his new deep ball surfacing within many Twitter feeds and training camp highlights, expectations for Jimmy will only continue to rise.


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