• Akash Anavarathan

Bidding Farewell to the Hub!

Last March, I had reached out to Kyle Breitkreutz in hope of gaining a spot on 49ersHub's writing squad. Kyle didn't hesitate at the time and proceeded to let me write more and more, gaining significant exposure at the time.

Over the past year, 49ersHub has grown beyond my wildest dreams, adding numerous, young writers who are passionate about the Bay Area's football team. They continue to maintain numerous podcasts and have a great footprint on Social Media.

As 49ersHub continued to succeed on its' path, I had an opportunity to write for Niners Nation, a chance I couldn't pass up. Unfortunately, this will be my last post on the Hub, as I'll be taking up a role for SBNation's 49ers' website.

I continue to be thankful for everything that the Hub has offered me, knowing full well that I'm not able to grow this far, if it weren't for everyone's support and constant encouragement.

Kyle -- Thanks for taking a chance on me and giving me the freedom to write as I wished and help grow this platform into it's current state. While you've stepped away from our platform, I think it's in great hands.

Evan -- Your encouragement and hilarious texts motivate me to be a better writer and have a more positive outlook on all things 49ers.

Kevin -- The feedback and support you gave me has grown me into a better writer and I know you'll continue to be a big pillar of support for the Hub.

Scott -- While I stepped away, you stepped in and took over the Hub in short time and helped grow it to greater heights. Thanks for everything you do in making the Hub a fantastic platform for 49ers' fans.

Mark/Jay/Bret/Nicholas -- Your contributions to the Hub will be always remembered and you guys are huge reasons for our increased growth on a day to day basis.

While I may be leaving the Hub, I'll still continue to discuss all things 49ers and you can always find me on Twitter @akashanav or on Niners Nation's page in short time!