NFL Suspends Linebacker Reuben Foster Two Games

July 3, 2018



Per Adam Schefter, Reuben Foster has been suspended for two games for the beginning of the 2018 NFL regular season for violating the NFL’s conduct and Substances of Abuse policies.


Following a promising rookie season, Reuben Foster found himself the topic of two very troubling headlines. In a trip with friends to his college town of Tuscaloosa, Reuben was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana. Following that sometime later, Reuben was arrested and accused of domestic violence and assault of his girlfriend. After months of controversy, the accuser came forward to acknowledge that she had made up the entire store in an act to hurt Reuben’s personal and professional life. The San Jose district attorney eventually dropped all charges.


Personally, we at the 49ersHub were very happy to learn that the horrible accusations against Reuben Foster were stated to be untrue by his accuser. Reuben is a talented young player who before this story, seemed to be a king, happy young man eager to be a special part of a special up and coming team. Reuben will indeed need to be careful of his decisions going forward about who he surrounds himself with. At the court hearings, he was accompanied by Richard Sherman, as a sign of support. These are the things as fans, and human beings, you hope for. Having the correct people surrounded a special young talent to help him navigate the pressures of being a professional in the National Football League.


General Manager John Lynch had this to say:


Reuben Foster also released a statement:




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