• Scott Young

HubCast: A Very Special Interview With @TampaBayTre

On a very special episode of HubCast, Evan and I were joined by the internets own Trevor Sikkema, aka @TampaBayTre. We talked about the similarities between the 49ers and Bucs and get pre-hyped for their meeting later this year.

0:00 intros/intro to Trevor Sikkema

2:00 how Trevor does what he does, joining Pewter Report

5:00 how does Trevor be a fan and a journalist

9:00 Trevor's involvement with "Cut for a Cure"

14:00 what was it like watching the rebuild start, the hype, and the drop for the Bucs

21:00 was there ever a moment where Trevor looked at Winston and said "this is the guy"

22:50 what was Trevor's favorite movie of the Bucs this off-season?

35:00 what does Trevor think of the upcoming Bucs

39:00 predictions for 49ers record heading into Bucs game

42:00 Trevor's thoughts on RB Jeremy McNichols

45:00 Trevor answers the age-old question: Mariota or Winston

48:00 Whats Trevor got going on

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