• Kyle Breitkreutz

Thanos Snapped, Thank You For the Memories

I don’t really know where to start, this sucks.

Most of you all who are reading this, don’t know me. So here is a little backstory on who I am and how I came to the Hub.

I joined Twitter back in early 2011, a 19 year old kid who was anticipating the upcoming year with Jim Harbaugh, but wanting to keep up on NFL news during the lockout. In fact, my very first tweet was directed at Patrick Willis, inquiring about how he was handling the lockout.

It wasn’t very long until I was introduced to the Hub. I was mentioned in a tweet by @49erHolics saying that I should look into “this”. What he was referencing was a tweet from the early days of the Hub looking for someone to help out. So, I dipped my toes in and the rest is history.

It was an incredible journey that I’ve faced over the past six years, I’ve met so many incredible people and I am so thankful for this platform to be able to do so. I’ve accumulated so many memories and I would like to thank and relive some of those memories with many of these people. So here I go:


Thank you for giving me the opportunity back in 2012. You started the Hub to just “share your thoughts” on the Hub, and look what we’ve done with that? Thank you for sticking by me, even when I didn’t format the tweets the right way, or even when I retweeted a bunch of Sacramento Kings stuff. I can proudly say, that at the beginning of all of this, I was a horrible tweeter and now, I am still a horrible tweeter.

Doug Rohr

Thank you for keeping me stabilized while we were growing the Hub. You really helped me grow the Hub and turn the Hub into what I dreamed. You were one of the nicest people I knew with the smallest amount of followers. I doubt you will see this, I might try to text it to you so you can. However, you are out there enjoying the married life, so I hope all is well.

Evan Sowards

Man, you were one of the first people to follow me on Twitter. Following me from your personal and Niners E-V. You are like my brother, I always enjoyed our conversations either through text or through our mentions. You and I have become close over the years, and I’m so thankful for that and for you. Just like the rest of the guys, I know I’m turning this into great hands. You are the hype man I will never be.

Kevin Molina

The man who could actually be my conscience. You are incredible, and I could talk football and life with you all day. You aren’t easily excitable, you always keep a level head, and through that, you always kept me level. Evan introduced me to you, however I wished I knew you longer than that. I’ll never forget having Jamie call you to interview you. After the phone call, she texted me right away and raved about you for at least five or six text messages. She made me excited to bring you on, and everything she said about you was true.

The Real Scott Young

(And the fake one too)

You went from the dude who made “controversial” jokes, to one of the biggest pieces to the Hub team. You stress yourself out weekly to ensure the hub keeps running, I will always be so grateful for that. You have grown into the person I imagined you’d be when I “interviewed” you at Kezar (even though you didn’t know it was an interview). Words cannot describe how proud I am for you. Like Evan, we’ve followed each other for so long. We helped each other during extremely hard times, and those are bonds that we can never get rid of.

Akash Anavarathan

I swear, every time I hear your name, it’s typically preceded by “‘Man, how clutch is...”. You have been exponential in our growth. Wether that be coming through on articles in an instant, building our website, or what have you, you do it. I will always remember you sending me a message asking me if we have any writing positions open. I nearly sent you away, but I ultimately decided to bring you in, and it was one of the best decisions of my time with the Hub.

The 49Problems People

Man, if I ever had a regret, it would be that I wasn’t able to keep this group of people together longer. We killed the podcast game, if only for about 20 episodes. This was a fun and an incredible group, we had our ups and downs, but let’s break this down.

- Jerod

You are doing big things, sir! You came to the Hub back when I created our very awful website, you dealt with me trying to manage that and a bunch of other stuff. You wrote amazing pieces that either did or didn’t go up on the website, and you still were a great person. I am so grateful that I was able to meet you at Kezar stadium. I’m excited to see your continued growth and success!

- Rob

I remember when I told you back when you left to go to Niners Wire that eventually you will have more followers than the Hub. You, being as humble as you are, scoffed at that idea, but you are getting close! Just like Jerod, you are doing amazing things as well, you were even retweeted by Adam Schefter, who can say that!? Wether you sound like Kermit or Ray Romano, it doesn’t really matter. You are a great person who deserves what ever kind of recognition you get.

- Jamie

You were always there for me whenever I needed to talk to someone. No matter what time I texted you, you would always be there for me. You were the first person who reached out to me, outside of my family, when my step dad passed away with Type 3 Glioblastoma brain cancer. I am so thankful for you. You are an incredible human and by far the best softball player in the world.

- Tre

Tre, I doubt you will read this, but I am thankful for you. You showed me that Twitter didn’t need to just be a place where you scream your opinions at a blank screen. You and Jamie were the reason I got into podcasting, you introduced me to NinersNation, which is ultimately where I got the motivation to model the Hub after. You became my friend, even had me on the 4th and 9 podcast, and became a key player in the HubCast (even if I had to force you out of retirement). Thank you for everything.

- Bobby


To the Rest of the Hub

- Mark Sanz

The editor extraordinaire. Let me tell you, what you have done for us is incredible. I’ve pushed you past your breaking point several times, and you never complained. I’ve seen you grow as an artist, and now as a father as well. Thank you for putting up with me and my deadlines.

- Andrew

Man, you are coming into your own. Every bit of growth the Instagram page has seen is all thanks to you. I’m excited for your future because I know you will succeed.

- Steve Bowles

The team and myself was lucky to meet you at the game (yes, I put that grammatical error in there just to drive you crazy). You keep everything balanced and made sure we were always putting out the best content. You have also helped so many of our writers grow. Just know how important you are to this team. Thank you so much, Steve.

- SchemeCast

Jay, I was so lucky to have you on our team. Your football knowledge is amazing, and you put in so much time, not only in the podcast, but writing as well. You are a great person, and a great parent.

Rich, same goes for you. You write for so many outlets, but still made time for the Hub. My message to you about joining the Hub on a podcast was responded with “Took you long enough”. I think that just encapsulates your personality and your humor. You are awesome, and your taeks are red hawt.

- Our Writers (past and present)

You create the content and you keep people coming back. I know that it’s not easy, but you all put in so much time into all of this, and I am so lucky that you all sent me a message, because you all are incredible.

- Our Followers

Let me say, I’ve enjoyed every interaction I’ve had with you all. I may have disagreed with some of your opinions, but I’ve always been up for a debate. I’m so thankful for you giving me a platform over the years, for listening to what I had to say, and even interacting with me. This page was created to give the fans a voice, and you helped the fans have a voice. I could have never done any of this without all of you.

Special Thank You’s

- Fooch

I can’t remember when you followed the Hub, but you were a great mentor for me. You helped me even when you didn’t have to. You answered every DM I sent you no matter how silly a question I had. Thank you for always providing guidance for the Hub and I. You helped us become professionals.

- Tracy

I remember you doing a video podcast with us a while back, I was lucky enough to do the editing. One thing stuck out to me during all of it, you were giving us pointers on how to interview. You helped us grow, much like Fooch, and you’ve always been a friend. I admire you and everything that you’ve been able to do at FGSN. Thank you for everything.

- Steve Berman

I remember you followed the Hub very early on. I enjoyed every interaction I had with you, from the responses to tweets, to the DMs, you have always been amazing. Also, I cannot say enough how happy I am that you are with the Athletic.

- Robert Alberino

Thank you for being so hospitable. You ensured that I will forever not only be a 49ers fan, but a Robert Alberino fan as well. You are an amazing individual and I am so lucky to be able to interact with you. You have no idea how happy I was when we had you on as a guest and you told the guys, “Make sure you bring Kyle, he’s probably more important than all of you”. Now, it’s not entirely true, but it made my day.

What This All Means

The Hub isn’t going anywhere, I’m leaving it in the hands of Scott, Kevin, Evan and Akash. I know that they will do well with this because I know them personally. They are hungry to succeed, and they are going to take the Hub further than I could before. They will keep bringing you great content on every aspect of the Hub and really take this far beyond what I ever imagined it to be.

As for me, I needed to step back. With working a full time job, being a parent, working weird hours, I just couldn’t keep up with it any more. I am extremely sad to go, I’ve cherished every moment of this, but I needed to do it for my family, for me, and for you.

I will miss you all, and I wish nothing but success from here on out.

Go 49ers.

49ersHub Past, Present and Future.