49ers News Week In Review

Welcome to this week’s review in 49ers news. Today, I’ll be delving into various hot topics of discussion related to my beloved Niners. As we prepare for phase three of the off season workout program, I would like to touch a few areas of interest.

Organized Team Activities (OTAs), are a very vital component for each and every team, player, coach, GM and everyone invested (directly or indirectly) in a particular franchise. The program allows for an in depth look at each position in order to gauge their respective talent levels. Speaking of talent levels, there are a number of players to keep an eye on.

First up, Arik Armstead. With a full recovery after “minor” off season foot surgery, Armstead will definitely serve as a formidable opponent. Paired on the defensive line with DeForest Buckner, Earl Mitchell and a plethora of talented linemen, Armstead has the potential to etch his name in the stat book for this year and beyond. If he can have a strong rehab process and sustain a healthy body for a full season-plus, the sky’s the limit for not only him, but for the entire organization.

Another player on my radar of intrigue is Solomon Thomas. Although he didn’t quite fill up the stat sheet in year one, we have seen flashes of his talents as well. He wasn’t able to take full advantage of last year’s OTAs, due to a league rule that prevents players from participating until school obligations are completed. With the 2018 season in motion, this process will be a huge factor in taking the next step for Thomas. I predict a fairly stronger season (statistically), and maybe even in discussion for Comeback Player of the Year award. Eithe[SB1] r way, I’m extremely confident in the 49ers’ defensive group.

Of course, we cannot forget the concern for powerhouse linebacker, Reuben Foster. I get so nervous before surfing the web, fearing that I’ll come across a current news tab with a title that reads: S.F. 49ers Star LB, convic---, alright enough of that thought. I can’t even utter the words. In any event, if Foster can somehow finagle his way out of this unfortunate situation and steer himself back on the right path, I believe the Niners will have found their future—dare I say — Hall of Fame linebacker! The 49ers have had quite a few talented players with troubled behavior over the past few years; can Reuben conquer his demons and solidify his place in history? Only time will tell and until then, I’ll be clinging to the edge of my seat along with the rest of Niner Nation!!!

I would like to take this moment to acknowledge our very own, Akash Anavarathan, for his most recent piece on former 49ers safety Eric Reid. I greatly appreciate this article because of its meaningful content. The entire nation (and world for that matter), has been constantly faced with challenging situations that seem to be worse before getting better. There’s absolutely no reason for Reid’s unemployment status, he’s an extremely solid ball player and an even better person. This piece written by Akash was one of my faves so far, and I’m really looking forward to future articles.

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