Timeline of Events Regarding Reuben Foster

May 23, 2018

Here is a timeline of the events involving Reuben Foster and the allegations against him.

January 13th – Reuben Foster is arrested in Alabama on a second-degree misdemeanor charge for possession of marijuana, he was released on a $2,500 bond. He is currently due in court on June 20th for this charge.
February 11th – Foster is once again arrested, this time under the suspicion of domestic violence abuse against his then girlfriend at the time Elissa Ennis.

**March 28th – Jed York showed support for Foster, “We’d love Reuben to be on this team.” But also stated, “I know Reuben is very cognizant of where his position is right now, and his time with the 49ers could potentially be over is he continues to do things outside of the team that aren’t what we want him to be a part of.”

April 12th – Foster is formally charged by the Santa Clara District Attorney’s office on three felony accounts, they include: (1) Domestic violence inflicting great bodily harm, Ennis told police that Foster pulled her by her hair and physically dragged her out of the house. She also told police Foster had hit her in the head eight to ten times. (2) Forcefully attempting a victim from calling 911, it was stated on the police report that Foster had broken two of Ennis’s cell phones. (3) Possession of an assault weapon, police found a Sig Sauer 516 short-barreled rifle in Foster’s home. If convicted Foster could face up to 11 years in prison.

**April 23rd – General Manager John Lynch states the 49ers feel like, “patience is the right approach,” but he also stated, “I do want to be very clear, abundantly clear, that if these charges are proven true, if Reuben indeed hit this young lady, he won’t be a part of this organization going forward.”

April 25th – Elissa Ennis, through her attorney Stephanie Rickard, recants he accusations against Foster.

**April 26th – Kyle Shanahan spoke for the first time on Foster following the first round of the NFL draft, “We can promise you guys if there’s someone who ever hits their significant other, their girlfriend, something like that, that person’s not going to be on our team.”

April 30th – Judge grants DA’s request to have the plea hearing pushed back to May 8th while they review a tape given to them by Foster’s ex-girlfriend. She claims this tape will prove that her original allegations against Foster were in fact a lie.

May 8th – Foster pleads not guilty on all felony charges.

May 17th – During the preliminary hearing, Ennis testifies that she lied to the police and wanted to hurt Foster for breaking of their relationship. A great article written by Reggie Cires on the 49ershub website details the specifics of the hearing.

**I think it is important to note the 49ers received a lot of criticism for not cutting Foster right away. Kyle Shanahan, John Lynch, and Jed York all stated Foster would not be a part of the organization moving forward if the allegations were proven true, innocent until proven guilty.
Which brings us to today

May 23rd – Judge Nona Klippen has decided to drop charges against Foster, due to insufficient evidence, allowing to him to return to the 49ers for off-season workouts. His weapons charge will be reduced to a misdemeanor, but Foster plans on fighting it on June 6th. Foster may still face a suspension from the NFL, ala Ezekiel Elliott. And now he looks to June 20th and his marijuana charge in Alabama. 

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