• Reggie Cires

Reuben Foster Preliminary Hearing Breakdown

Reuben Foster’s hearing on his domestic violence case with his ex-girlfriend encountered a big break this morning with the final hearing.

In the hearing, Foster’s ex-girlfriend testified and withdrew her story against the instruction of her counsel. During her testimony, she provided details as to her alibi before and after the alleged domestic violence incident.

Foster’s ex-girlfriend explained what had happened the night before as she had stated that her injuries came from a fight in San Francisco with another woman.

Another key witness in the case was the motorist who picked her up. According to Matt Barrows, the motorist had said that she had no injuries and appeared calm when dialing 911 on the day of the incident. Although this wasn’t a clear indicator that it did not happen, her testimony delivers otherwise.

For Foster’s ex-girlfriend, questions remain in the air. By filing a false police report, she is implicating herself and has yet to plead the Fifth. Her status will remain unknown until the legal procedures of the case have been closed.

As for Foster’s future, there is still yet to be many things answered. Although John Lynch, General Manager, had said that Foster would remain on the team if the case against his ex-girlfriend had turned out to be false, Foster still has to cope with the case on his possession of two assault rifles. Former Santa Clara County District Attorney Steven Clark says that his possession case is likely to be seen as “more of a technical violation" and could be diminished to a misdemeanor.

Given that he is still on the NFL’s watch list after his first marijuana charge, who knows how many games the NFL plans to suspend Rueben Foster in the upcoming season. Veterans such as Richard Sherman and Linebacker Coach Demeco Ryans will hopefully serve a positive role in shaping Rueben Foster’s future with the 49ers as he progresses through these cases.

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