• Scott Young

HubCast: Benjamin Allbright

This week, Evan has a very special interview with NFL Insider Benjamin Allbright. They discuss the top quarterbacks of the draft, Denver's QB search, Free Agency, politics and of course, what the 49ers have done and what they may do in free agency and the upcoming draft.

0:00 Intro - Benjamin Abrlght, background

2:00 - Ben's phone situation as Yung Adam Schefter

3:30 - Bens background and how he got into NFL coverage

4:40 - How Ben characterizes what he does

5:30 - How he feels about breaking news before others and how he handles the responses from the internet, and how he handles when he's wrong

10:20 - looking on to the draft and discussing the crop of top QB Prospects

11:40 - Did Josh Allens bowl game performance make his stock rise or would he always be a top pick?

15:30 - How Ben feels about the QB situation in Denver and what he would do in GM John Elways shoes

23:40 - What are the scenarios Ben sees in the beginning of the draft to work in the 49ers favor

26:40 - What is the logical pick for the 49ers?

28:00 - Bens thoughts on the Garoppolo trade

31:00 - What players does Ben think the 49ers should go after in Free Agency?

35:00 - When does Ben think some of the blockbuster trades that are bubbling up come up

37:30 - Bens thoughts on sports, politics, and the idea of being told to "stick to sports"

41:30 - Does Ben think Colin Kaepernick will play in the NFL again?

44:50 - What does Bens work day looks like?

49:00 Whats Ben got going on now and in the near future

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