• Scott Young

HubCast: The Season is Done!

Evan, Kevin, and Scott sit down and wrap up the end of the season with the final game and a look at what's on the horizon!

:30 intro

:45 Recap of LA vs SF

6:00 What teams would the Niners beat in the playoffs?

10:45 What does this momentum do for the plans of the offseason?

29:20 is there players at 9-10 in the draft that will help the 49ers?

36:11 Ken Norton hired as assistant HC/Defense-LBs

39:11 Is Hyde re-signed?

43:00 Fuck The Seahawks, Their time is up, our time is now

49:00 What will the NFC west look like with Seattle and Arizona in turmoil?

54:00 Draft coverage on 49ershub shoutout

57:00 Roundtable :Kittle is good and will get better, Bye bye Aaron Lynch, Get hyped for this offseason!

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