• Lorena Miguel

Scouting Spotlight: TE Dallas Goedert

Dallas Goedert is so good, sometimes he can be bad.

The South Dakota State tight end knows he’s the best player on the field, and this makes him not always perform his best. At 6’5” and approximately 255 pounds, he can easily win against his competition with his size and athleticism. The question is if he is going to show up against better competition in the NFL. With the tools that he has, this is a question that a good coach can resolve. So, let’s talk about the five aspects that are most important to scout a TE and how Goedertfares in each of them.


Tight ends are normally divided between two types: the "Y" tight end, the in-line blocking type; and the"U" tight end, the "move" tight end. A great TE is the one that can help the team both as a blocker and as a receiver.

It depends what the teams are looking for, but Goedert has the potential to help in both, although right now he is more advanced as a pass catcher than as a blocker.


As a blocker, when he goes against a defensive back it is almost unfair; he can easily trap them. But against linebackers and defensive linemen, he can struggle, especially in space where he is lost looking for his target. This is teachable and with his frame and power, good coaching and additional playing time is going to be enough for him to be achieve his potential.


As a catcher, it’s here that Goedert makes his name. There are three areas of pass catching that are important: hands, route running and body control.


He makes some head scratching drops, but he more than compensates for them. Goedert is a reliable player than can make catches in traffic. He does tend to catch theball with just his hands, instead of securing it against his body, which decreases thechance of drops, as well as pass breakups by defensive players.

Route Running

Here is a good example of how his occasional lack of interest in the game can affect his playing. His routes when he wasn’t the first or second read were sloppy and run at half speed. This is an area that should evolve. Anyhow, he’s a force in the intermediary routes over the middle of the field

Also, I like how he receives shallow passes and has the patience to see the blocks develop in front of him.

Body Control

Goedert’s catch radius is incredible and it’s the result of him having the body control to jump and secure balls in the air and also go low and still stand up again. In the end zone, where he is a force to be reckoned with is his ability to catch the ball in the air, and the strength to box out linebackers and defensive backs.


Playing tight end is a combination of size and athleticism. They need to have size and strength to win against defensive linemen and linebackers, and athleticism to run and win against defensive backs. In terms of size, Goedert, at 6’5” and around 255 pounds, is comparable with well-known players as Tyler Eifert, OJ Howard and Rob Gronkowski. This is a good list to be a part of.


The Combine is going to help us have numbers that paint a clearer picture about his athleticism, but a player of his size shouldn’t be making plays more than 20 yard after the line of scrimmage as common as he does.It also shows in the swing passes he receives as he moves fast laterally, and the blocks that he goes to make open lanes for wide receivers.

How would he fit in with the San Francisco 49ers?

Do you like a player that catches everything in the intermediary? How about a red zone target that can get both low and high? Would you like a tight end that Shanahan can design plays for in “11” or “21” personnel that would be a nightmare for opponents to defend against? If you would like to have that on the 49ers, you can start dreaming of them drafting Dallas Goedert.