• Scott Young

SchemeCast: Happy New Year To Everyone Except Brian Hoyer

Jay and Rich would like to wish everyone a happy new year, except Brian Hoyer.

On this episode of Schemecast the guys are back to talk end of season football. In the opening they go on a Rams-Falcons tangent were Rich tells us how terrible Steve Sarkisian is (7:00).

Bruce Arians retirement and what that means for the NFL (18:05)

The Seahawks dynamite fuse is lit and now we just have to wait for it to explode. (21:48)

Week 17 vs the Rams game breakdown. Its short and sweet this week. (29:25)

Rich breaks down the Goodwin touchdown called the orbit return swing pass. (42:52)

Was the hit on Goodwin a dirty hit? (46:45)

Pats dysfunction? (52:25)

How would the 49ers do if they made the playoffs as a wildcard this season? (54.20)

NFL playoffs thoughts and super bowl picks. (59:40)

Twitter question. (1:02:05)

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