• Zach Grier

What to Look For From the Final Home Game of the Season

Every football fan is always sad when their favorite team plays the last home game of any season. Always means that football season is over and will have to wait 7 months before the new season starts again. So what is there to look forward to with the 49ers hosting the Jaguars at Levi’s Stadium for the last home game of the year?

Jimmy Garoppolo vs. Jaguars’ Defense

The 49ers offense is currently ranked 14th in the league while the Jags defense is 1st in terms of scoring. The Jags are the weakest when it comes to the run game so the Niners OL will have to help create some holes for Hyde and Breida so they can create the passing game as well.

Home Crowd

Levi’s Stadium was PACKED for Sunday’s game against the Titans! The last time I saw the stadium filled up that much was at the last game at Candlestick. John Lynch asked the Faithful on Twitter to come to the game to support the team while also trying to recruit Jeremy Renner, (The actor who plays Hawkeye in the Avengers movies who just happens to be a big 49ers fan) and the rest of the cast along to come with him. Lynch is once again trying to rally the fans to come to the last home game to give the same amount energy or even more from last week.


The 49ers will have to play almost perfect to win against this playoff team. The Jaguars are definitely no pushovers this year so they’ll have to limit the red zone penalties. I don’t think just kicking field goals is going to cut it in this game. This is the game that will draw even more interest and attention from upcoming free agents and other teams. A win will add on to the streak of 4 games and carry the momentum into the Los Angeles Rams game.

I feel like this last home game gives a lot of fans more hope than ever going into the offseason if the team is able to pull it off. Fans have struggled for the past 4 years with the 4 different coaches each year, but with Shanahan and Lynch in command, it looks like we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.