• Scott Young

#HangOvertime: Home Is Where The Heart Is

The San Francisco 49ers have seemingly done the impossible.

No, it’s not having an actual win streak heading into the end of the season, given how the season started.

No, it’s not that Jimmy Garoppolo has thrown for 1,008 yards over his first 3 starts, nor that he has a Jedi-level sense of calm and concentration that would make Mark Hamill blush.

No, it’s not that Marquise Goodwin went from a seeming bust who couldn’t seem to catch the ball when it mattered most to being on the cusp of a 1,000 yard season and could potentially alter the 49ers draft plans when it comes to WR.

No, the impossible feat the 49ers have pulled off is finally making Levi’s Stadium have a feeling of a home field advantage.

Heading into Sunday there was a clear buzz surrounding the 49ers and especially QB Jimmy Garoppolo. He had been white hot heading into Sunday and fans were eager to see not just what Shanahan could do with a capable quarterback, but also how the team would handle. Would one player be able to motivate 52 other players to do their best? When the going got tough, and this young team made the mistakes that are to be expected from such a young team, would they learn from them and be able to overcome them?

Looking over the entirety of the game, as well as focusing on that final drive, the answer seems to be a resounding yes. Everyone will focus on the poise and calm demeanor of Garoppolo, but it’s clear that those traits and mindset are an infection that the rest of the team is happy and eager to contract. With less than a minute and a half to go in regulation, the 49ers offense had to march down the field to attempt the game-winning field goal. It wasn’t just Garoppolo. It wasn’t just Goodwin. It was a collective team effort that led to this win.

There’s no way to know how the last 2 games will play out. They could lose one. They could lose both. The important thing is that this is no longer a team minus a quarterback. This is no longer a team minus perseverance. This is the closest the 49ers have been to fielding a complete team since maybe 2013.

Every fan should be sending John Lynch, Kyle Shanahan, and Jimmy Garoppolo Christmas cards, because finally, the house that is Levi’s Stadium is no longer just a house. They’ve taken that house and finally made it feel like home.