• Scott Young

#HangOvertime: All For One

If you were to tell me, at the end of the last season, that the San Francisco 49ers would go toe-to-toe with the Seahawks for 3 quarters, I’d have literally rolled on the floor, laughing my butt off.

Heck, if you were going to tell me they would do that last week. It still wouldn’t seem real. Yes, the Seahawks have recently been ravaged by injury, with Kam Chancellor officially being placed on injured reserve with a neck injury. This is a 49ers team though that has had, at best, some of the worst luck of any team in the NFL. Still though, the defense came to play and, while big plays were few and far between, they kept the 49ers in this game more than they probably should’ve been.

Nothing else happened, right?

As cool as it was to see Jimmy Garoppolo come out and throw a touchdown in his 2nd throw, and as glad as I personally am that we have a semi-competent QB on the roster after having Colin Kaepernick, this week is not about Garoppolo.

This performance is indicative of a shift within the team. A shift towards the team mentality, rather than focusing on individual players. We have slowly started to see that transition, ultimately proving the concept with the win against the Giants. It Is something though that unites the best teams. Yes, the Niners are lucky to have impact players like Reuben Foster and DeForest Buckner, but teams aren’t made up of only 2 people. For every Eric Reid, there’s an Adrian Colbert. For every Marquise Goodwin or Pierre Garcon, there’s a Louise Murphy. Yes, Garoppolo will very likely be the “face” of the team and the franchise, but that’s all he would be. “The” face, of “the” team. He won’t be “the team”.

If you need a better example than look straight to OT Erik Magnusson. He found out shortly before the game that he would be starting at RT in place of Trent Brown, who injured his shoulder this week in practice. Early in the game, Magnusson sprained his foot so badly that HC Kyle Shanahan announced earlier that he had been placed on IR. While that is horrible, the fact that he had the mental and physical toughness to play through such a debilitating injury, speaks volumes about his character, and also shows the rest of the team, what it means to be ion this team. These players have established a brotherhood. A bond that is strong enough to push past logic to be there for each other, and that mentality is whats going to win games.

You want to see Garoppolo start on Sunday against the Bears? Cool, I do too. Do you want to see every player show up and give 100% and execute for 60 minutes? No? Well I do, and you should too.

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