• Akash Anavarathan

Akash's Monday Morning Blitz XIII: Glimpse of the Future

It was late in the fourth quarter and I was starting to tune out of the 49ers-Seahawks game. QB C.J. Beathard was driving the offense, but the team didn't have any shot of winning the game. The 49ers' signal caller went down on a hit low and suddenly, the future of the franchise was warming up on the sideline.

Number 10 trotted out to the middle of the field like a gazelle and I began to pray on the inside "don't get hurt, please don't let him get hurt." The sports gods answered in a bigger way, allowing QB Jimmy Garappolo to go 2-for-2, 19 yards, including a touchdown toss to WR Louis Murphy.

In about 15 seconds, Garappolo had put up more points on the board than Beathard did the entire afternoon. The second throw showed the most about the future signal caller for San Francisco. Receivers weren't open, the pressure starting to creep towards the pocket, so Garappolo stepped away to his left and bought extra time. In doing so, he was able to spot Murphy and hit him with a laser in the end zone.

The bar nearly erupted as Garappolo threw his first touchdown in red and gold and at the same time and I even got more texts based in that one moment, than I did the entire afternoon, including one from a dear friend and Garappolo's super fan, Jonelle.

While it was only two throws at the end of a wasted game, it gave fans a glimpse into what the future could look like. It didn't matter which receivers were on the field, who the offensive linemen were, as long as Garappolo was out there, there was a confidence that he would be able to accomplish anything.

The starter for the afternoon, C.J. Beathard didn't look particularly good in any aspect. Seattle's pass rush kept Beathard contained in the pocket. He finished the afternoon 22-for-38, 201 yards and one interception. The run game couldn't help the rookie out, neither could his battered receiving corps. Beathard doesn't have much to offer except for his sheer toughness. If I was out there, I would've tapped out after the third hit, but he just continues to bounce up hit after hit.

While he's not the future starter of the franchise, Beathard has earned a lot of my respect and a backup role with this team moving forward. No more need to bring in a Blaine Gabbert or Matt Barkley, because the quarterback room is set with Garappolo and Beathard.

Garappolo might not start a game soon or he may be out there next week, but I sure as hell am excited for what today showed me. In what was an awful loss against the Seahawks, I don't even care to remember what the final score was, but I do remember what Garappolo's stat line was. As I'd normally say on Twitter, "Hook it to my veins!"