• Scott Young

Hub on 49ers: What We Are Thankful For

We here at 49ersHub have said all season, that it’s a great time to be a 49ers fan. While the last few years, full of departures, unexpected retirements, devastating injuries and a general sense of disappointment, this season feels different. This season has generated a sense of hope. Hope that the team can be rebuilt into a team capable of reaching the highest highs we have seen them attain.

Balancing out the darkness of years past with the brightness of newfound hope requires reflection, and we here at 49ersHub would like to reflect on what we are thankful for.

We are thankful for GM John Lynch and HC Kyle Shanahan, for taking on one of the hardest tasks a first time head coach and general manager should be asked to do. To have the courage and tenacity to look at how the past few years and regimes have ravaged a beloved team and a staple of the NFL. We are thankful for what they have done so far in rebuilding the team, and hopeful that they can continue to improve on the work they have done, and in turn, improve the team.

We are thankful for the writers and personalities who have joined us on 49Problems/HubCast over the years: Dan Soder, Derrik Klassen, Matt Miller, Charles MacDonald, Chris Biderman, Alex Carson, Mark Saltveit, Steve Berman, Joe Marino, Tracy Sandler, Steph McCarroll, Kyle Crabbs, Ethan Young, Ian Wharton, Kevin Jones, Dylan DeSimone, Matt Harmon, and most importantly, Robert Alberino and Al Guido. Every one of these fine individuals are people we look up to, respect, and strive to emulate, and we are thankful they have given us the time and shared laughs with us.

We are thankful for Dwight Clark, who, through his courageous fight with ALS, is raising awareness for a horrible disease, as well as showing other people fighting their own battles, be it ALS, cancer, or something else, that with the right mindset and support system that anything is possible.

We are thankful for the past and present members of 49ersHub. Through Ups, through downs, and most importantly through laughs, we all have shaped the Hub into one of the strongest fan run blogs that is respected nationwide. Through our sacrifices we know nothing is impossible. We are thankful for the past, and thankful for the opportunities to come.

Most importantly, we are thankful for You. Everyone who has interacted with us. Chatted with us on twitter. Laughed with us. Shared the pains of defeat and the elations of victory. Being able to share these moments with You and being able to offer some amount of insight that you may not have thought of it. You are the reason we are doing what we do, and you are the reason we are growing. Thank you

From all of us here at 49ersHub, Happy Thanksgiving.