• Scott Young

What Changes Do You Expect to See After the Bye?

The San Francisco 49ers are riding high coming out of the bye week. They finally achieved the thing that’s been evading them so far this season: Their first win.

It was not easy, and it wasn’t pretty, but in the same way that watching players in preseason for evaluation purposes and wanting to see players play that much better than 2nd and 3rd stringers, that’s how the Niners played against the New York Giants. It’s a confirmation that, even though it’s slower than fans would like, the rebuild, schemes being employed, and players selected to fill the roster by GM John Lynch are working.

Unfortunately for the 49ers, they come out of the bye week facing a likely-angry Seahawks. They won’t be able to manhandle them like they did the Giants. They will need to work hard to gameplan against them. What changes should you expect heading into the game? Let’s take a look.

Give. Hyde. The. Ball.

I don’t know why this is so tough, or why this needs to be said every week. RB Carlos Hyde is a pretty ok running back. He is one of the few pieces of talent on the offense and, most importantly, he has been pretty consistent this season.

Unfortunately, his touch count has been on the lower end of the league, with HC Kyle Shanahan favoring giving QBs Brian Hoyer and now CJ Beathard upwards of 30-40 pass attempts per game. I can understand wanting to evaluate Beathard to see what kind of future he may have with the team, but it isn’t rocket science: If you don’t give your best players the ball, you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

All that being said, the Seattle front seven is still very good. Hyde will have a tough time no matter what. They can try and work on short pitch passes to get him away from the majority of the defenders but he will have his work cut out for him no matter what. It will be important though for them to give him the ball if they want to have any chance of passing the ball.

El Garoppolo Loco

We’ve already discussed the problems associated with giving Beathard 30-40 pass attempts per game. Those same issues don’t apply to newly-traded Jimmy Garoppolo. Garoppolo came from New England having only started a couple of games but he has some skills that Shanahan will love. The speed of his decision making my only be eclipsed by the speed of his release. Seriously, go check out videos on instagram from beat writers Matt Maiocco and Cam Inman. It’s kind of unreal.

Garoppolo has shown a proclivity towards short to intermediate routes with the ability and accuracy to throw deep passes. These traits should make it easy for Garoppolo to tear apart the Seahawks depleted defense, if Shanahan chooses to start him.

Bah Gawd, That’s Tank’s Music!

The defense played well, limiting most of QB Eli Manning’s production to garbage time yards and points that were too little, too late. A lot of the help came from Ronald Blair, who had been activated off injured reserve the prior week. These kind of reinforcements are key for this young team to be able to compete with some of the tougher offenses that are coming up. Being able to get Blair back, and anticipating the returns of Solomon Thomas from an MCL sprain and Tank Carradine, who had been placed on IR earlier this year with a high ankle sprain will be hyge for game planning against Seattle. Being able to slot Tank on the edge and having Thomas rush from the interior, where he tends to be more productive, will put everyone in the best possible position to beat Seattle.

What changes do you think we will see after the bye week? Let us know on twitter and stay tuned to 49ersHUB for more great content!