• Scott Young

3 veterans the San Francisco 49ers could trade?

The San Francisco 49ers have had quite the week. On the field they made a change at QB, replacing Brian Hoyer with CJ Beathard. Off the field they've seen LBs Reuben Foster and Ray Ray Armstrong attacked by would-be robbers with assault rifles and handguns.

The bigger news affecting the team though is the potential trade talks of RB Carlos Hyde and the attempted trade and eventual release of NaVorro Bowman. Bowman was released due to his inability to accept a reduced role, and GM John Lynch didn't want that negativity to affect his performance and the performance of the team. He now faces a new challenge. The team is now aware of the business side of the NFL, and performance under uncertainty of trade can be tough.

Which players could potentially be on the trade block? Let's take a look.

3. LB Aaron Lynch

Aaron Lynch has had a slow start to the season. Coming into camp out of shape after spending the off season taking care of his wife and newborn, Lynchs role diminished due to injuries and the draft capital used for Solomon Thomas. He seems to be within this vicious cycle in which he needs to get on the field and perform to earn more playing time and more meaningful snaps, yet he can't due to various nagging injuries.

If there's one story in the NFL that has affected every team, it's injuries. Every team in the league has lost players due to any number and type of injury. A team like The Houston Texans, who lost JJ Watt due to a back injury, would surely be more than willing to negotiate on a trade.

The question then becomes, what kind of compensation would you get? Lynchs decline of play in recent years would likely keep the return as a 6th or 7th round draft pick. Thankfully GM Lynch is smart and will likely see that if they let him walk in free agency that any compensatory draft pick they get wouldn't be good, if they get one at all. A trade would likely be the better option.

2. OT Trent Brown

When looking at the offensive line in regards to players to trade, the sexier pick is OL Joe Staley. He has been with the team for years, is one of the brightest and funniest personalities on the team and one of the most respected players in the league.

A player like Trent Brown though is more appealing to other teams. Brown and Staley have anchored the exteriors of the line and consistently topped PFFs grading each week. Since one is not necessarily performing better than the other, Browns age then becomes a factor. Brown is still very young, and a player with his talent and youth would be incredibly appealing to a team needing OL help. Not only are you potentially getting a short term fix to your OL problems, but a player you can mold and be a starter for years to come. Lynch could easily get a 3-5 round pick for him, and Lynchs abnormal level of charms could probably swing a 2nd rounder. He did talk Chicago into moving up from 3 to 2 this past year, after all.

1. S Eric Reid

Reid is sadly suffering from a case of too many cooks in the kitchen. Coming into this off season he was slated to take over the SS position and has looked better in that role than he ever has in his career. He then suffered an injury that sidelined him for a few weeks. He's back on the field now, but S Jimmie Wards return has allowed S Jaquaski Tartt to slide into the SS spot in Reids absence and has truly excelled.

Ward and Tartt are doing incredibly well together, grading out well in PFFs measurements and almost giving off the illusion that LB Reuben Foster has been on the field. Lunch will have some tough decisions regarding the S corps, but having an excess of usable talent is a problem that is refreshing to see the 49ers have.

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