49ersHub is joining the efforts of the Golden Heart Fund

The 49ersHub team is proud to announce that we are joining the efforts of the Golden Heart Fund and are happy to spread the message.

What is the Golden Heart Fund?

"The Golden Heart Fund supported by 49ers ownership (past and present) and lead by 49ers alumni greats will provide funding support and relief for alumni players in times of physical, emotional and financial need. It is undeniable the amount of stress that is overlooked after retirement from the NFL. Whether the career was 2 years or 20 years, the struggle with depression, aftermath of physical injury, self-identity and financial burden is real. We have come together as a 49er family to lift those who once lifted our city. To be the support our fellow 49er family members are in desperate need of."

According to Sports Illustrated, "78% of NFL retirees have gone bankrupt or are under financial stress because of joblessness or divorce within two years of their career ending."

Ken Betson of the New York Times adds, "1 in 3 retired NFL players are expected to develop long-term cognitive problems."

How you can help.

The 49ers Faithful are a family, something that Eddie DeBartolo set the standard for a long time ago. We, as a family, take care of those in need. The 49ers Faithful are a necessary part of the team.

"A team brings people of all creed and color together and lifts a city. It forges memories that impact a lifetime and writes the stories that become legends. A team is a spectrum of emotions, from the elation of victory to the somber feelings of defeat. It is the heartbeat of the community. A team is made of the heroes that inspire others to tackle insurmountable odds and the ones who support them every step of the way. A team is family. A team lifts each other up. A team stands as one. What does it mean to be a team? It means being a hero for those that have served as heroes before you. Be a hero and help lift up your team."

Go to goldenheartfund.org to donate.

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