• Scott Young

Thank you NaVorro Bowman.

Thank you Bow

709 tackles.

12.5 sacks.

4 interceptions for 104 yards.

1 Pick at the Stick.

1 player beloved by a fandom.

There are multitudes of stats one could use to discuss the career of NaVorro Bowman, but Bowmans career with the San Francisco 49ers goes well beyond stats. NaVorro did what should be considered impossible. Take away the tackles, and the injury recoveries. You could even ignore the Pick at the Stick. Instead, look at what Bow did for the fans.

Bow shouldered an entire fanbase on his back. He was the light for a fanbase that had seen some of the darkest times of the 49er organization. The loss of Jim Harbaugh. The tenures of Chip Kelly,and Jim Tomsula. The losses of Justin Smith, Chris Borland, Patrick Willis and Colin Kaepernick. These were the times in which it was the hardest to be a fan. Where showing any kind of appreciation for the team was met with snickers and laughs from passersby. Through all of that, though, there was Bow. Bow was the heart of the defense, the team, and the fans.

From all of us here at 49ersHUB, we wish NaVorro all the luck in the world, and all of the thanks we can muster.

Thank you Bow.