• Akash Anavarathan

Akash's Monday Morning Blitz X: Call me when Brian Hoyer's not the starting quarterback

Coming into the 2017 season, there were a lot of question marks for the San Francisco 49ers. Defensively, lots of people questioned the depth in the back seven and the ability of the defensive coordinator Robert Saleh to call plays. Offensively, the interior line play was in doubt along with some of the skill position players.

Yet, five weeks into the season, five losses later, I know exactly where the weakest link in the team lies. It's not in the defensive backfield or with Robert Saleh -- who's turning into an elite defensive coordinator. It's not with Pierre Garcon, Carlos Hyde or George Kittle. The offensive guards and center haven't been great, but they're serviceable around the two elite tackles.

The weakest part of the 49ers is the most important person on a football field -- the quarterback. Coming into the season, we all knew what Brian Hoyer was going to be. He's an undrafted free agent, veteran, journeyman quarterback who was going to be the bridge to a franchise quarterback in the future.

While he wasn't good enough to win games solely on his own, he wasn't bad enough to single-handedly hold teams back from winning either in past seasons. But so far this season, the San Francisco 49ers sit at 0-5 because of Brian Hoyer. There's no sugarcoating it.

I'll admit, there's not a lot of talent on this roster, it's a bare cupboard at a lot of positions, but they play their tails off every snap and are being coached really well at every position. So with average, game-managing quarterback play, the 49ers could very well have a few wins under their belt.

But here's the simple fact: Brian Hoyer hasn't been good enough. Missing open receivers, not hitting players in space, panicking too quickly in the pocket, patting the ball one too many times, not seeing linebackers and safeties are just pieces to the problem puzzle that Hoyer is.

And I'm done watching Hoyer quarterback this team into the ground. It's brutal to watch a team that fights so hard every down to be pulled down by a single player. Kyle Shanahan's not going to finger point or place blame on Hoyer, because as the leader of the team, it's the smart thing to do. As a writer and avid fan of the team, I don't have to hesitate to tell you what the problem is.

I don't need to see the box score. I don't need to see Hoyer's passer rating or his total yardage. Watching the game is enough for me to tell you that Hoyer doesn't have what it takes to lead this team to victories.

The 49ers are 0-5 and I don't see a winnable game on their schedule for weeks. So why is Brian Hoyer still playing? Are the 49ers making the playoffs? No. Are they trying to turn the season around? No, they should keep tanking. So why doesn't Shanahan play C.J. Beathard?

It's time to see what Beathard -- the third-round pick -- has in his future. Do the 49ers have a future backup or something to build with next season? It's smart for John Lynch and Shanahan to find that out as soon as possible.

The Hoyer experiment is over -- atleast for me. Call me, Tweet at me or let me know when Hoyer's not the starting quarterback of the 49ers.

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