• Akash Anavarathan

Staff Picks: San Francisco 49ers at Indianapolis Colts

Alright! Finally, the regular season is here and the Staff Picks are starting to tally up for the next 17 weeks. As a Staff, we're excited to share our true game picks for the 49ers throughout the season. Let us know @49ersHub or our respective Twitter handles if we made a great/bad game pick!

Here's our picks for the Colts-49ers game, along with our record through three weeks!

Kyle Breitkreutz (@KBNFLScout): 2-2

49ers, 24-13

Evan Sowards (@EvanSowards): 3-1

49ers, 34-17

Scott Young (@FakeScottYoung): 2-2

49ers, 21-17

Kevin Molina (@KevAMolina): 3-1

49ers, 17-14

Mark Sanz (@MarcusSanz): 3-1

Colts, 27-21

Akash Anavarathan (@akashanav): 3-1

Colts, 20-17

Bret Rumbeck (@brumbeck): 4-0

49ers, 13-7

Jay Moore (@Jay_Moore49): 2-2

49ers, 17-13

James Jones (@9ernewswriter): 1-3

49ers, 17-14

Chad Erickson (@49erholics): 1-3

49ers, 22-17

Andrew Shirey (@NotAndrewShirey): 2-2

49ers, 27-17

Pratta L. Jones (@itsprattap): 2-2

49ers, 21-17

Nicholas McGee (@nicholasmcgee24): 2-2

49ers, 31-14

Luke Vittori (@_Neutralizer): 2-2

49ers, 17-13

Ikaika Valeria (@IkaikaValeria): 1-2

49ers, 28-14