• Scott Young

Young: If the 49ers don't win at the Colts, where can they win?

The San Francisco 49ers head into Week 5 with one of the rarest luxuries they could afford themselves: A plus matchup. The Indianapolis Colts have been ravaged by injuries. Their offense is unable to sustain drives and their defense has a philosophy of “Break but don’t bend”. On paper, the 49ers shouldn’t have any problem being able to move the ball.

But what if they can’t? What if Brian Hoyer again either fumbles the ball, or might as well have with how bad some of his throws have been? What if Hyde is unable to hold onto the ball and runs for one yard per carry? The Niners could very well end up going 0-5. Because of their youth and inexperience, they will need to play absolutely perfectly to sniff a win in any of their upcoming games. Lets take a look at some of the upcoming games that would provide the Niners their first win.

Week 11 vs. Seattle

This young 49ers' team went into CenturyLink stadium in Seattle and nearly beat the Seahawks. Being a longtime rival, its possible San Francisco was more amped up than usual. The Seahawks seemed to have solved some of the offense issues they had early on, so while a win would be much harder than the first time, being that they’ll be playing at Levis, a win is certainly possible.

Week 9 vs. Arizona

Another situation where the game was super close, the latest loss saw a game that went to overtime. As the season goes on, injuries will hit both teams. For right now, San Francisco looks to have better depth. They could easily pull a win out in that sense.

Week 10 vs. New York

The New York Giants, along with San Francisco, have similar records of 0-4. Eli Manning has been very inconsistent at best, having the most weapons he may have ever had in his career. If their performance continues to regress, the 49ers' defense should have mono trouble containing the Giants.

Week 16 vs. Jacksonville

The Jaguars have had a very up and down season thus far. They currently have a record of 2-2, but the play has been all over the place. The defense has flashed elite level play, but has not flashed it much. The offense has had moments of brilliance, but mainly off of the back of RB Leonard Fournette. With the talent and depth on the DL, they should be able to limit Fournette to less than 100 yards. If they can figure out a way to move the ball effectively, it could be as close to a surprise upset as the Niners may see this season.

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