49ers: Is this the week that Kyle Shanahan should start C.J. Beathard?

Unlike the other major sports, the NFL is extremely dependent on one player: the quarterback.

If a team has an amazing quarterback, like Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady, he can be a magic eraser and hide certain flaws the team may possess. If a team has an average quarterback, but a solid roster around him, they typically have a ceiling, like the Houston Texans -- pre-Deshaun Watson -- or the Kansas City Chiefs.

In the case of the 49ers, like many other NFL teams, they have an average roster and a below-average starting quarterback. But if San Francisco can get some decent quarterback, they could easily be 2-2 or 3-1 right now, rather than 0-4.

At this point, the 49ers' season is a lost cause. They're not making the playoffs and since we're on #TeamTank watch, why isn't Kyle Shanahan starting QB C.J. Beathard yet?

QB Brian Hoyer has been god awful. It's like pulling teeth watching Hoyer play the quarterback position and no play was more indicative of his time in San Francisco better than when he hit the wide-open receiver...Kyle Shanahan on the sideline.

I don't need to see any numbers -- completion percentage, yards per attempt, QBR, etc -- I know exactly what I'm watching every Sunday. I'm watching a limited quarterback in an elite offensive system that can't make plays when there's the play breaks down. If the offensive line doesn't execute, receivers don't get separation, then Hoyer can't make up for it and create plays on his own.

Personally, I've had enough of him. It's time to bring in C.J. Beathard for the Week 5 game against the Colts. It's entirely possible that Beathard is bad or worse than what Hoyer is. But shouldn't the 49ers find that out sooner than later? It's a lost season, why should San Francisco wait to find out what Beathard is like.

If he stinks it up and is awful, then the 49ers can look for another quarterback next year. If he shows promise and can lead an offense, then you can start to develop Beathard. But if he continues to sit on the sideline and watches Hoyer, he's not going to get any better.

This is the perfect week to bring in Beathard. They're on the road, 0-4, no expectations of winning against a poor Indianapolis defense that gave up 46 to Seattle. The Colts' defensive line doesn't generate much pass rush and their DBs are average past Vontae Davis and Malik Hooker.

Let Beathard get some repetitions, because I know what I have with Hoyer -- and it ain't pretty.

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