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Scott's #HangOvertime IV: Duel Of The Legs

“I want a damn win”

Earlier this week, General Manager John Lynch provided The Faithful with the most depressing rallying cry in sports. Through the various pieces featuring the rookie GM, there’s one aspect that comes through every time, and that is that Lynch is uber competitive. There is a reason why he is considered a hall of fame incoming Safety and (hopefully) develops equal accolades as a front office member.

Heading into the Week 4 matchup against Arizona, it felt like Lynch, as well as every other fan, would finally get that win. Everything felt to be going into the 49ers' favor. $LB Deone Buchanan was hobbled by an ankle injury. Their offensive line had 3rd stringers starting due to injury. Arizona's David Johnson and receiving corps were also ravaged by injuries. There are no sure things in football, and less than that when your team is 0-3, but it felt like this was as close to a sure thing as the 49ers may get this season.

What we got instead was both teams combining for 8 field goals and going into overtime.

Now that there are four games under this young teams belt, there is a large enough sample size to notice some trends emerging.


This defense is very good, and will only be getting better.

QB Brian Hoyer is not good, but QB C.J. Beathard should not be starting.

The Offensive Line is atrocious and will only hinder the development of the offense as well as the UDFA Offensive Linemen the team has picked up.

RB Carlos Hyde and WR Pierre Garcon are two of the hardest working guys on the team.

Hyde, when healthy, is one of the best running backs in the league despite the horrible OL play.


The clear fact that the offense is being so heavily hampered by players that may not even be on the team next year is frustrating to fans who want to see development and improvement, and annoying for the organization who wants to reward The Faithful with wins. Between the questionable at best QB play, the nonexistent OL play, the lack of production from the WR corps outside of Garcon and Trent Taylor, and Hyde doing his best to keep the offense running despite the OL and a hip injury that left him not quite himself, It will be a rough year for the team. Any inclinations towards a 6 win season or better is firmly out the window. Fans and media will need to pour over film looking for minute improvements to take solace over, because any improvements will not be reflected in the score.

Strap yourself in, because its going to be a bumpy season.

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