• Akash Anavarathan

Akash's Monday Morning Blitz IX: #TeamTank is out in full force

This should probably tell you all you need to know about the 49ers' game on Sunday. San Francisco took on the Arizona Cardinals at 1:05 PM PST on Sunday and the Oakland Raiders played the Denver Broncos at 1:25 PM PST.

Unfortunately, I'm not one to have two TV screens side by side -- fatal mistake during football season -- but I decided that I'd rather watch the Raiders play the Broncos over the 49ers' game.

So I followed on Twitter and occasionally flipped back to see what San Francisco was doing on offense, but the 49ers are an absolute snooze-fest at times. I love watching certain players on the team, from RB Carlos Hyde to WR Pierre Garcon to DBs Jaquiski Tartt and Jimmie Ward.

But watching the rest of the team is painful at times. QB Brian Hoyer had one deep ball that ended up being caught by a wide-open....Kyle Shanahan. The interior offensive line is atrocious at times and the defensive backfield aside from Ward and Tartt is extremely hot and cold.

But all that being said, the 49ers have only lost their last three games by a combined eight points. As I said on Twitter last night, the 49ers have perfected the tanking scenario. They play their tails off, the coaches -- on both sides of the ball -- call great plays, scheme it up and yet they find a way to lose the game.

San Francisco has no business winning these games. And if you're concerned about having a losing culture, most of these guys won't even be on the roster in 2-3 years when the 49ers are winning consistently with a franchise quarterback. Culture starts from the top and John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan are established winners and have invoked a positive culture already in the locker room. Their bare cupboard of talent is what's holding them back right now.

They're about to have $116 million in salary cap space, per SpotTrac, and also massive draft capital this upcoming season. Keep losing competitively, so that you land the highest possible draft pick. The difference between 3-13 and 2-14 could be a few draft slots. That could be the difference between landing QB Josh Rosen or not.

I'm not sure which route the 49ers will take -- sign QB Kirk Cousins and draft an EDGE rusher -- or sign those skill players and draft a QB. But whichever way they choose to go, losing these games is benefiting the 49ers in the long run.

Don't think about it from a fan's perspective -- wanting to win these meaningless games. Think about it from Lynch or Shanahan's perspective. Tank, Tank, Tank and build your team for the future. Unlike Jim Tomsula or Chip Kelly, the 49ers have a legitimate staff and plan.

Give them some time, the salary cap space and the ability to keep tanking, they will eventually turn this thing around. It's rough, when they lose these games, but I know it'll be worth it soon, when they're able to add premium talent in the draft.

Through four weeks of the season, #TeamTank is out in full force.