Staff Picks: Los Angeles Rams at San Francisco 49ers

September 20, 2017

Alright! Finally, the regular season is here and the Staff Picks are starting to tally up for the next 17 weeks. As a Staff, we're excited to share our true game picks for the 49ers throughout the season. Let us know @49ersHub or our respective Twitter handles if we made a great/bad game pick!


Here's our picks for the Rams-49ers game, along with our record through two weeks! Evan, Marcus, Bret and Kevin are the lead dogs. 


Kyle Breitkreutz (@KBNFLScout): 1-1






49ers, 24-18


Evan Sowards (@EvanSowards): 2-0






49ers, 20-13


Scott Young (@FakeScottYoung): 1-1






49ers, 17-14


Kevin Molina (@KevAMolina): 2-0






49ers, 16-10


Mark Sanz (@MarcusSanz): 2-0






49ers, 17-14


Akash Anavarathan (@akashanav): 1-1







Rams, 17-10


Bret Rumbeck (@brumbeck): 2-0







Rams, 14-10


Jay Moore (@Jay_Moore49): 1-1






49ers, 20-17


James Jones (@9ernewswriter): 0-2






49ers, 14-10


Chad Erickson (@49erholics): 0-2






49ers, 24-13


Andrew Shirey (@NotAndrewShirey): 1-1






49ers, 13-3


Pratta L. Jones (@itsprattap): 1-1






49ers, 21-10


Nicholas McGee (@nicholasmcgee24): 1-1






49ers, 17-13


Luke Vittori (@_Neutralizer): 1-1






49ers, 19-13


Ikaika Valeria (@IkaikaValeria): 0-1






49ers, 17-10


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