• Akash Anavarathan

Anavarathan: Does QB Kirk Cousins makes more sense after the loss in Seattle?

The last few seasons in Santa Clara has been filled with Colin Kaepernick and Blaine Gabbert quarterbacking the 49ers. At certain moments, it was really difficult to watch those two play. Kaepernick's skills began to deteriorate, while he didn't have a offensive coach that could elevate his level of play. He also didn't have the proper supporting cast around him to make him succeed either. On the other hand, Blaine Gabbert doesn't belong in the NFL and so it was an absolute snooze-fest when he took the field.

It was so bad, that 49ers fans were excited to get their hands on Brian Hoyer. While many were skeptical of adding this journey-man quarterback, they thought it brought more stability to the franchise after the past few seasons.

After Week 1, fans leaving Levi's Stadium were chanting "C.J. Beathard!" That should tell you everything you need to know about Hoyer's performance against Carolina. In Week 2, he followed it up with a dud in Seattle, likely holding the 49ers back from a victory against their former arch rival.

So immediately after the game, I began to think if the 49ers could really benefit from adding a ready-made quarterback?

I began to wonder after the game, if QB Kirk Cousins was the starting signal caller for the 49ers instead of Brian Hoyer on Sunday, they probably walk away as winners.

So does that mean they're ready to compete immediately? Maybe not for a Super Bowl, but their defense and running game is talented enough to carry them to a playoff spot with a B-level quarterback.

That's exactly what Kyle Shanahan has to thinking on his plane ride home from Seattle. "We had them, if I only had a legitimate quarterback." Well, there will be one on the free-agent market that has ties to Shanahan. If this team continues to play the way it did on Sunday, the stronger the case for Kirk Cousins becomes.

I watch a lot of College Football on Saturdays and while I'm no quarterback scout, Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen and Lamar Jackson all look great. But they all have their flaws and still in their young 20s. What's the likelihood and time it would take for Shanahan to develop one of these guys into a franchise quarterback? 50 percent? 30 percent?

People keep getting up on the price for Kirk Cousins and I do too. $25 million is a lot of a B-level quarterback, but if it brings me wins on Sundays with a solid defense and run game, do I really care what I'm paying my signal caller? One thing is that you never pay for the quality of the quarterback, you pay for market value. That's why the next quarterback to get paid, will always be the highest paid. That's why Matthew Stafford's deal eclipsed Andrew Luck's and Kirk Cousins' deal will surpass both.

Kyle Shanahan was one of the few that stood on the table for Cousins in Washington and wanted to even trade for him in Cleveland. Watching this trainwreck at quarterback, I know he'll be pounding the table for the Redskins' quarterback if he's available in March.

Honestly, imagine if the 49ers land a top-5 pick. They could sign Cousins via free agency and land a pass rusher through the draft -- LSU's Arden Key, anyone?

While many are going to hate the fact that Cousins is going to get paid a ridiculous amount of money in the offseason, adding him to this 49ers' roster could produce wins from the get-go. So when they're winning on Sundays and landing in the playoffs, do we as fans really care how much we pay Cousins?

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