• Akash Anavarathan

5 Questions with Seahawks' expert Jacson A. Bevens

The 49ersHub is proud to continue to the 'Ask the Expert' series, featuring a Seahawks' expert this week. We will be speaking with Jacson A. Bevens (@JacsonBevens on Twitter) this week regarding the 49ers-Seahawks Week 2 matchup!

1. All offseason, Seattle's No. 1 issue has been the offensive line, yet it was a major issue in Week 1. Can the Seahawks correct it, where's the fix going to come from? If not, does it hamper their Super Bowl chances?

The Seahawks showed in 2015 that they could, over the course of the season, develop a poor OL into a good one, when they finished as the highest scoring team in the NFL over the last 7 games of the season. With even less talent in 2016, they were never able to come together. So yes, it's possible for this version, which I think is better than last year's, can be at least within shouting distance of league average. Poor OL play affects about 20 teams in the modern NFL though, so Seattle is not alone. Seattle's inexperienced OL is unfortunately the cost of paying 12 Pro Bowl caliber players at other positions. That money has to come from somewhere. That said, it's hard to imagine the Seahawks contending for a Super Bowl if the OL doesn't improve on their Week 1 performance.

2. Do you think Robert Saleh's familiarity with Seattle's defense gives him any edge? Does the offense going against it all preseason serve to be more prepared in Seattle?

No, at least not measurably. Familiarity with an opponent's system is, in my opinion, an overblown concept with little evidence of effectiveness.

3. Pete Carroll and John Schneider are one of the best HC-GM duos in the NFL, based on their cohesiveness. Is that something you see in Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch? Can they develop into having the same sort of success?

Absolutely. I think those two have the potential to be extremely good for a long time. I think their success will only go as far as ownership let's it, unfortunately.

4. The Seahawks' defensive line is absolutely loaded, what's it going to take for the 49ers' offensive line to at least slow them down?

A lamp and three wishes.

5. Game prediction! I'm not even going to ask who wins, I'll ask if the Seahawks can cover the 13.5 points that Las Vegas is giving them?

I think 13.5 is the right line. If Seattle wins by anything less than that, we'll have a mutiny up here! I'll say 27-10, Seattle.

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