• Kyle Breitkreutz

Will Laken Tomlinson Find His Fit With The 49ers?

Today, John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan traded for former first round pick, Laken Tomlinson. In return, the 49ers gave up a 2019 5th round pick to the Detroit Lions. The 49ers have a strong need for interior lineman, and they hope that they have struck gold in Tomlinson. Mike Mayock of NFL.com said on Tomlinson, “[He’s] one of my favorite guards in [the 2015] draft class.” There have been mixed reviews thus far in Tomlinson’s career, some saying he is a fit for the zone blocking scheme, others saying he isn’t.

One example stems from Lance Zierlein of NFL.com “Lack of range and athleticism is a major concern. Struggles with contact balance and allows defenders to disengage too frequently. Rock-'em, sock-‘em movement up to the second level and is inconsistent hitting targets. Inconsistent footwork as a run blocker. Will give up initial bull rush as defenders get into his chest quickly. Fails to generate pop when asked to block on the move.”

Another coming from B/R’s lead NFL Draft writer, Matt Miller;

So far, the critique on Tomlinson’s career is that he shows flashes but is highly inconsistent. How will he fit the 49ers offense? Will the 49ers strike gold, or will he just become another eventual cut. He’s only 25 years old, and I am cautiously optimistic, but believe that he won’t be much more than depth on the offensive line that will start while Josh Garnett is out. We won’t know how good or bad he will be until he hits the field, until then, all we can do is just sit and wait.

In the meantime, here is some video from Brandon Thorn, NFL/CFB scout with Inside The Pylon: