• Akash Anavarathan

5 Questions with Benjamin Allbright on the Broncos-49ers' matchup

1. What is your thoughts on the Denver Broncos' quarterback battle between Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch? Who will be the starter for Denver come Week 1? Do you think John Elway should make any trades for someone else?

[GM John] Elway and the FO [Front Office] wanted [QB] Paxton [Lynch] to win the job. Back in January it was intimated that it was his opportunity to blow. His mini camp and 1st week of training camp were strong, but after that the wheels fell off and we've defaulted to [QB] Trevor Siemian will likely start, position. The Broncos will bot be trading for anyone else.

2. What are your thoughts on the new head coach Vance Joseph? Has that defense transitioned under their new defensive coordinator and head coach?

[HC] Vance [Joseph] is a nice guy, personable. Things certainly seem more relaxed than with the detail oriented [ex-HC Gary] Kubiak. The defense has stayed virtually the same as Joseph and new DC [Joe] Woods are both Wade Phillips' disciples.

3. Do the Broncos have enough to win the AFC West? The Chiefs and Raiders are fantastic, but can the Broncos topple them?

I don't think so. They have a great defense, but it's a bit dinged up this year. The OL has a gaping hole at RT, and the QB position appears to have defaulted to mediocrity. KC has better team, and I think the Chargers are a dark horse in this division.

4. Is there any mentorship of Paxton Lynch from John Elway? Since he was the prized first-round pick, has Elway taken him under his wing, or let him grow with the coaching staff?

Not really. [GM John] Elway stays out of it. The new coaching staff was brought in specifically for their reputations with QBs (Musgrave, McCoy), that's left to them.

5. From an outsider's perspective, what's your thoughts on the 49ers' offseason and their complete overhaul with Lynch and Shanahan?

I think it's going to be a longer process than fans think, hence the lengthy contracts. That said they're on the right track. That secondary looks bad, and the offense is a work in progress, but the coaching will be better than the last two years. [QB Kirk] Cousins' potential acquisition next year should help.