• Pratta L. Jones

5 49ers whose stock fell after Friday's game vs. Chiefs

After Friday's game against the Kansas City Chiefs, I will take a look at five players whose stock fell in in the preseason opener and will have to pick up the momentum next week against Denver. Good thing is that the roster doesn't reduce to 53 players until after the fourth preseason game, so these young players have more of a opportunity to get in a groove and give evaluators a chance to show off their consistent ability.

5. WR Marquise Goodwin

After tearing training camp up, WR Marquise Goodwin fizzled out on the field yesterday. The young wide receiver has tons of potential and has been the most healthy he has been in his whole NFL career. Now its all about consistency and last night the the connection between QB Brian Hoyer and Goodwin wasn't that good. Goodwin only had one catch for 14 yards on two targets. That is underwhelming and I know many of the Niners' faithful are looking for more out of the young blazer.

4. RB Matt Breida

Given a very fair shake to compete at the running back position, RB Joe Williams and RB Matt Breida rotated series. And to our surprise, Breida was the first on the field after RB Carlos Hyde's day was finished. While given the chance, Breida was out ran by Williams and looked less polished and fumbled. However, there are three running backs that are better than Breida on this roster. Hope he can show up in the next game against the Broncos.

3. 2. AND 1. The 49ers' offensive line

Anyone who watches football know you can not evaluate a passing game if the offensive line is making mental mistakes and getting penalties. The 49ers looked soft on goal-line opportunities. In pass protection, there where far too many clean hits on the quarterback and far too many LB Marcus Rush sightings. You always want your offensive line to dominate no matter if it is scrimmages, or preseason you want them to control the tempo.

The 49ers' defense was far better, giving up less than 200 yards total. So no player got put on the bubble on that side of the ball -- today it was the offense. San Francisco has work to do and a ways to go, however, victory is here and winning is contagious.