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5 Questions with Locked On Chiefs' host Chris Clark

Another exciting written series for the 49ersHub that's coming up this season is taking a deeper look at the 49ers' opponent on a week to week basis. The 49ersHub would like to interview an expert with every opponent prior to that game.

It will give our 49ers' fans a better idea of the team that the 49ers are playing, as well as, a perspective of what opponent fan bases think of San Francisco.

Since the 49ers take on the Chiefs tonight, the 49ersHub will be interviewing Locked on Chiefs' host Chris Clark for its' inaugural article in this series. Chris is also a writer for FanSided's Arrowhead Addict and is a Featured Analyst for PFS. You can follow him on Twitter @ChrisClarkNFL.

Here are the five questions from our interview with Chris:

1. What are you expecting out of QB Patrick Mahomes? Could it be something similar to what happened with the San Francisco 49ers in 2011 with QBs Colin Kaepernick and Alex Smith?

Chris: [QB Patrick] Mahomes is going to be the back up [quarterback] for this year. I think [QB Alex] Smith is probably gone in 2018, but it depends on how Patrick develops. I don't see a Smith/[QB Colin] Kaepernick type scenario.

2. There has been a lot of concern regarding what happened in the front office with ex-GM John Dorsey. Do you think GM Brett Veach and head coach Andy Reid can work things out and run a smooth operation?

Chris: I do think [GM Brett] Veach and [HC Andy] Reid will run smoothly. In the end, I think [GM John] Dorsey's underdog was his lack of cap management, his decisions on when to sign the players [to long-term contracts] and ultimately cutting [WR Jeremy] Maclin.

3. Can the Kansas City Chiefs make a Super Bowl push and topple the New England Patriots? What's it going to take this season?

Chris: Can they? Yes. It would take [QB] Alex Smith having a career year and throwing for over 25 TDs and the running game having two rushers over 1,250 yads rushing and receiving.

4. What are you expecting out of the rookie class this season? Any WR Tyreek Hill's on the roster that 49ers' fans should be aware of?

Chris: [QB Patrick] Mahomes stays holding a clip board. [DE] Tanoh [Kpassagnon] is probably two years away from making significant contributions on the defensive side. [RB Kareem] Hunt is going to push to be a starter by the end of the year. [WR Jehu] Chesson and [LB Ukeme] Eligwe will feast on special teams. Hunt could definitely end up being a star.

5. What do you think of the 49ers' offseason? Is there a chance that they can start to turn things around in the near future?

Chris: I think [GM John] Lynch is going to be interesting to watch as a GM. The question is who will their quarterback be? If they figure that out, then yes, but until they get a top-15 guy, it's going to be very, very tough.

Thank you to Chris for taking time to chat with the 49ersHub on the Chiefs-49ers game which is on Friday at 6 PM PST.

You can follow Chris at @ChrisClarkNFL or @LockedOnChiefs. Stay tuned with the 49ersHub on Twitter @49ersHub and the website the49ersHub.com for more creative, unique content for this upcoming season.

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